Manual Lymphatic Drainage in NYC

Lympha Press

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy NYCDesigned specifically for bilateral arm, individual limbs, torso, leg, stomach, genital, and groin treatments, the Lympha Press products perfectly complements MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) therapies to effectively and dramatically boost patient health.

When it comes to decongestive lymphatic drainage massages, these products are the safest and most efficient you will ever find. Lympha Press compression therapy provides you with much better means to medically manage lymphoedema. Patients find therapy times to be pleasant and relaxing.

Lympha Press® is an Invigorating Compression Treatment System

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy NYCThe system consists of a pump that supplies air to the garments over areas where the body is to be treated. The Lympha Press® follows a special sequence when pumping air within the garments; it alternates undulations of compression with short moments of pause and refill. This process is like a “milking” motion that massages the affected body part.

Doctors all over the world understand the important role of the lymphatic system in preventive health care. They are aware how lymphatic function affects the digestive, nervous, and immune systems and every other system in the body. It is very important for the detoxification of the body. Many firmly believe that poor lymph health is the underlying reason for various health conditions, from cellulite to cancer.

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