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Acupuncture – Natural Treatment For Acid Reflux

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Acupuncture – Natural Treatment For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux affects millions of people worldwide and frequently influences temperament, cuisine preferences and affects the individual’s sleep. The gastric digestive fluids enter the esophagus via the feeble LES valve, furthermore causes pain in the stomach and esophagus. The symptoms of acid reflux are nauseating; cough, bitter taste, burning sensation in the stomach and chest. GERD is treatable through dietary changes, exercises, surgery or natural remedies.

Health practitioners differ in their opinion on treatment for acid reflux. Allopathic medicines, alteration of food habits, acidity control, natural and timely food in addition to natural treatments are some of the methods advocated by physicians. Though control of food habits is effective to some extent, patients must also avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and caffeine in addition to reducing excessive weight. And GERD in severe cases leads to cancer in the esophagus and may call for surgery.

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Herbs have been acting as remedies for acid reflux from ancient times. But unless one is completely sure about the effects of the herb, there is no evidence to substantiate the accuracy of the therapy. Acupuncture and acid reflux treatment is an alternative Chinese methodology for attempting to cure GERD through pricking needles in the body. Researchers assume that since acupuncture works against stress, it should prevent heartburn and acid reflux.

In Acupuncture and acid reflux treatment, therapists influence the release of chemicals by stimulating nerve cells of a particular acupuncture spot to relieve reflux esophagitis patients of giddiness, vomiting, pain and burning sensation. Acupressure works in a similar manner by applying pressure to nerve points instead of the prick of minute needles.

Drugs are a common source of multiple side effects where sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Many medicines to control acidity in the stomach reduce the secretion of gastric acid which magnifies infections, deteriorates digestion ability and drastically increases the probability of poisoned food. In such instances, acupuncture and acid reflux treatment is conveniently accessible for millions of sufferers. The expenditure of treatment is also meager compared to the costly medications prescribed by the healthcare practitioners.

While suffering from acid reflux, maximizing daily intake of water is mandatory as it restores the condition of the stomach by controlling acidity. Acupuncture treatment in addition to nutritional and timely diet works surprisingly well for people who suffer from acid reflux or GERD. Inserting the miniscule needle is painless and occasionally if situation requires, electric stimulation accomplishes similar effect.

Simple dietary practices like eating slowly after chewing the food in controlled quantity are advocated by acupuncture practitioners. Additional restrictions are imposed on getting adequate extent of exercises and sleep. Acupuncturists tend to verify if any food disagrees with your digestive system and instigates GERD. Using acupuncture is a field that promises remedial treatment for curing acid reflux symptoms.