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Bio-informational therapies in supportive treatment of malignant tumors

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Bio-informational therapies in supportive treatment of malignant tumors

In a survey of 1,007 American adults, cancer is considered to be the most feared diagnosis. This diagnosis brings fear — and that decreases the survival rate.

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Patients who come to our clinic are either seeking treatment for adverse effects of allopathic cancer treatments, or they can not tolerate adverse effects, and they stop treatments with oncologists, or in some cases, see us after traditional oncology has failed. We provide supportive therapies, including hyperthermia, PEMF, lymphatic drainage, SCENAR therapy, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs), and others.

We do not claim to cure or treat cancer directly. Our services focus on pain relief, emotional healing, and energetic balancing therapies aimed to help better organ function, improved energy levels, and regulate homeostasis. We have observed many positive effects using our approach and would like to describe one of the methods of bio-informational medicine — bio-resonance, which we have offered for 16 years with success.

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