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Biofeedback NYC: What is SCENAR?

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Biofeedback NYC: What is SCENAR?

SCENAR technology provides quick relief of body pain that include general body stiffness, injuries, pain, and aches at any time and place and without the use of drugs.

One of the latest, safest, and best treatments for all types of joint stiffness and pain, SCENAR is a highly portable electronic tool that works on highly sophisticated biofeedback technologies to provide a drug-free and non-invasive remedy for neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain. It delivers mild electrical signals in the body that also provides relief from other maladies like stress, tension and headaches.

While SCENAR therapy was created by world-class scientists and physicians from the now defunct Soviet Union in order to treat and maintain the health of cosmonauts during their stay in space. This technology has been proven so effective that it is now used by many doctors throughout the world making it one of the most commonly used forms of treatment for stress and pain by medical professionals, sportsmen and sportswomen, and the general population in various countries.

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SCENAR technology works on the principle of Chinese medicine which states that health depends on the flow and balance of energy and blood in the body. It uses the same principle followed by massage therapy and acupuncture. These ancient proven effective holistic therapies activate the healing functions of the body’s immune and nervous systems. The technology used in SCENAR was created to stimulate these bodily systems and to speed up the healing processes of the body.

Since SCENAR only uses electrical signals to stimulate the nervous systems, it is a totally non-invasive therapy. It activates the C-fiber nerves, which comprise 85 percent of all the body’s nerves and whose responsibility is to send signals that set off the production of biochemicals such as neuropeptides that play a major role in the self healing processes of the body.

The people who came up with SCENAR technology have the general population in mind when they developed this incredible healing modality. While medical doctors mostly use this technology for treating patients, anyone can learn it and use it since it is harmless and totally safe for anyone to use.

The SCENAR is a pocket sized tool that is simply placedon the skin. Usually, it is placed on the part of the body where discomfort or pain is felt. The device emits a mild electrical signal and at the same time, gathers the electromagnetic reaction of the person’s body which is then used to change the succeeding SCENAR impulse.

The factor that makes SCENAR different from electrical therapies such as TENS machines is the biofeedback factor, specifically the nonstop interaction between the gadget and the person’s body. TENS machines use a constant unchanging signal that the body is required to adapt that usually the body fails to do so.

One other advantage of using this SCENAR device is that its effects can be immediately felt. Patients are sometimes amazed at how fast and effective the benefits are that they often describe the treatment as miraculous.

SCENAR therapy instantly relieves pain and speeds up healing by stimulating C-fiber nerves that causes the brain to manufacture and release more neuropeptides. The benefits of this therapy can last for a quite a while. This is because the neuropeptides tend to linger a number for hours inside the soft tissues and bloodstream.