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Breast Cancer Screening

Written by Galina
Last updated February 28, 2023
Breast Cancer Screening

A few physicians nowadays offer digital mammograms. Instead of x-ray film, solid state detectors alter x-rays into electric signals in Digital mammography. Digital mammography still uses radiation, but only in small doses. The electrical power that flows to make pictures can be controlled; a doctor can make the image bigger and look at various areas of the breast tissue without taking any more pictures.

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When it comes to breast cancer, breast thermography can reveal thermal signs consistent with thermal signs known to be correlated with cancer symptoms. Thermography helps detect cancer sometimes as early as ten years before it would be noticed with mammography. Many breast tumors have been getting bigger gradually for as long as 20 years before they are noticed by the usual diagnostic methods. Cancer can be detected with thermography when they are at the initial phases of development, when it is fairly simply to diminish the advancement of cancer.

There is no pain or compressing of the breasts like in a mammogram, and no rays of any type enter the patient’s body. In spite of mammography decreasing its effectiveness when the breast tissue is dense, it doesn’t matter when it pertains to thermography.