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Mishin Coils – Explained

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Mishin Coils – Explained

A Mishin coil is an electric device designed for the treatment of various human diseases. Its working principle is based on the use of electrostatics. The coil is supplied with 24 V current at 300 kHz frequency.

Applying this coil — as well as other Mishin coils and discs of different forms — to the various parts of our body helps to get rid of many diseases.

Mishin therapeutic device’s working principle is based on the exposure of affected body parts to a variable electrostatic field. It is called eddy-current medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction we studied in physics lessons at school when we rubbed an ebonite stick with wool, so it started attracting small objects. The coil works in the same way, except that an electrostatic field is generated electrically instead of friction. We require a variable electrostatic field in this case.

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Mishin coils and discs' effect on the human body proved to be highly curative.

Usually, a set consists of two coils. A larger disc for a general influence on a body, and a smaller one is called a torus or, more often, a bagel. The bagel is being applied to the problem zones directly.

The list of diseases curable with Mishin coil is extensive. Particular interest, however, is drawn by the fact that this device is able to treat a large number of diseases considered incurable by traditional medicine. The biggest impact is achieved in the area of oncological diseases. The illnesses considered immedicable by traditional methods are the easiest to treat.

The point is that strictly speaking, there are two life forms within any of us. One is normal for us and is based on spiral DNA structures; the other includes the same DNA but is close-looped on itself. It is conditioned by the harmful environment, such as radio-magnetic emissions, poisonous toxins in our food, etc.

Such closed-looped formations are aggressive toward other cells and are able to proliferate quickly. This is how piroplasms are formed.

Electrostatic effects are limited to such pathologies only. Electrostatic charges automatically find closed-looped structures and break them up. In this way, cancer and other pathological cells are quickly destroyed. Many viruses are closed-looped as well and are easily eliminated.

Apart from physical effects, there is an interaction with more subtle causal bodies. In eddy-current medicine, such bodies are called eddy bodies or just eddies. Hence the name Eddy-Current Medicine. In esoterics, the same bodies are called astral or subtle bodies. Exposing an eddy body to an electrostatic influence results in its harmonization and purification from foreign elements. Our physical body is merely replicating an eddy one and, therefore, comes to a normal state as well.

I can fully confirm the curative effects of the device based on the extensive feedback from patients and my personal experience.


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The Mishin device's influence results in the release of large amounts of toxins usually excreted via kidneys. During the eddy-current procedures, kidneys are tasked with the challenging task of handling such an amount of toxins. That is why it is recommended to start the coil treatments from a lumbar spine area. The main filter organ of our bodies — kidneys — is located in this area. All people have their share of kidney-related issues. We start the cleaning procedure from the kidneys so that they would be able to handle the cleaning of the whole organism further on.

The session duration depends on the personal sensations before and after the treatment. For instance, one can start by applying a Mishin disc to a kidney area for half an hour. Should you feel weak, have any pains, or have a high body temperature, it means the Mishin coil has started its work. If sickliness is bearable, you can apply the same dose on day two. Should you feel too bad, stop the treatment for a day or two. For overweight patients coil’s effect may be less pronounced initially. Electrostatic charge is being used to break up the waste inside our bodies. It eliminates closed-looped formations on its way and gets depleted in the process. Next time, with no other obstacles in its way, the electrostatic charge is able to penetrate deeper and influence the next portion of the disease. The closed-looped formations are mostly stored in depot fat. That is why overweight people require more time to experience the curative effects of the coil. Usually, such patients do not feel anything at all during the first 3 to 5 days.

As soon as you start feeling the effect of the Mishin coil’s influence, you should consider if you are able to continue using it in the same mode, whether you should increase it or make it less intense. While you are out of work, like on vacation, for instance, it is expedient to apply bigger doses in the first sessions of the treatment to obtain a more quick body cleaning effect. Otherwise, you can apply smaller doses to have a more sparing effect. These concerns people with no severe or acute illnesses requiring immediate intervention.

Local diseases, like knee pains, can be influenced differently. A torus (bagel) applies a pin-point influence and is perfectly fit for such purposes. It has an effect within a 10 cm diameter area.

Some of the coil’s effects certainly might seem strange and unexplainable to most people. The coil can be effective even with no power supplied, yet within 20 % of its capacity only. Furthermore, it affects not only the person to which the coil is applied but all those within a 3 or even 7 meters radius. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from this radius to avoid overdose.

As soon as a patient’s body is free from all toxins and harmful substances, the coil ceases to affect him/her. You can sleep on the coil, sit on it the whole day, and have no curable effect at all. It is the very indication of your health state.

Conditionally speaking, a human body has 1000 closed-looped formations, and we are applying a 1 watt of power to a certain point of a body. Electrostatic charge spins this eddy to a higher degree. All human body structures are affected by this epicenter, and a concurrent influence is applied to all closed-looped formations at once. As those are eliminated, the power gets evenly distributed to all remaining closed-looped structures. The body is cleaned as a result, and a person ceases to react to the coil’s influence. Some people tried to sleep with Mishin coils for 5-6 hours and noticed no negative effect whatsoever. They felt invigorated, instead.

Should you apply Mishin disc to an organism full of junk for 5-6 hours, however, the whole body would be in pain the next day. It is a thing to consider. Eddy-current medicine is not capable of breaking up all diseases in an organism straight away cause there are too many of those.

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A method of bio-resonance diagnostics was invented by the Russian scientist Konoplyanov. It is based on the principle that specific diseases cause certain frequencies to be absorbed in a body. Those are absorbed by the same closed-looped formations. The method allows for determining the frequencies consumed and making a conclusion on a presence of a disease.

After a few days of eddy-current medicine treatment, a patient has been referred to a doctor doing the bio-resonance diagnostics. Officially, an examination procedure takes around 2,5 hours on average. This person, however, had spent there 4,5 hours, barely able to withstand it, and later was pronounced as the most healthy of their patients ever.


After Mishin coil treatment, hidden diseases may intensify for a few days. For instance, constant coughing or sore throat may develop into severe angina since the disease has to egest somewhere. Electrostatic charge cannot influence healthy cells since it cannot home in on them.


Any potent pathogen (virus, bacteria) is a closed-looped formation with a minimal second-level link-spiral. It can be likened to a gyroscope, with all force directed to rotation and no linear movement.

It is impossible to destroy such an object with a direct mechanical effect. In order to break it up, we need to generate an electric current; not a line of impact but a circular motion. In this case, we are dealing with the simplest form of electrostatics in the form of standing waves. I have attempted to review this matter in my report on electrostatics, yet only a limited number of people were able to grasp the idea. Their number is growing, though.

Here is an electrostatic charge.

Within in consists of 6 closed-looped electromagnetic eddies.

From the top view, we can see spherical forms — electromagnetic tori closed-looped on themselves.

In their turn, they create another fractal level when two static charges are put one above the other, thus creating another electromagnetic level.

Application of a direct electromagnetic charge to the effected human body cells shall have no effect. It cannot interact with a bad cell unless it is in sync with it. Scientists are trying to implement this idea by developing various devices. When applied, the direct electromagnetic charge affects all other cells as well.

In contrast, we are creating almost zero electric currents. There is no current, only a rotation of a field. It is a defining principle of electrostatics and eddy-current medicine. An electromagnetic wave includes two concepts: electricity and magnetism. One cannot exist without the other.

We need no magnetic or electrical impulses to create a Mishin coil. We need to obtain two electrostatic charges in a pure form with two low-density regions in order to find a closed-looped formation and treat it.

The coil itself is made via a non-inductive method to avoid magnetism. It is made in the form of a flat bifilar winding, with each coil turn interrupting another one. For information on the coil structure, please see my March report.

Mishin disc connection diagram is elementary and simple: unclosed contour connected from different sides.

When we form two of such tori at the operating frequency, we create the standing wave mode we need.

Let me briefly explain why. A low-density region is created in the center.

At the moment of a sine increase, these regions experience a space density drop. After the sine subsidies to zero, these low-density cavities attract space density drops from all sides.

The drops are similar to gravity-induced ones, except these are irregular. First, we are creating a maximum under pressure conditioned by the Mishin coil geometry & supplied power, & then lowering the sine to a zero level. If we visualize our illness as an air balloon, when there is a drop in the space density, it first expands as the inner pressure starts to change in relation to the outer environment.

When a sine dwindles to a zero, the balloon starts to collapse under environmental pressure. This process has inertia, however. That is why there are no mechanical variations, only density ones.

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Any closed-looped formation automatically gets into the oscillation zone since it reacts to the density changes. Formations with no loopback have no low-density cavities. Why the principle is called an implosion-based? Explosion means the emission, yet we are dealing with collapsing into a point here. We are creating a low-density region and alternating it. It collapses via a center from all sides at once.

Our method can be applied just as a magnetic resonance. We are able to achieve results even with mere tenths of a watt of reactive power. In this case, a resonance collapse and flight through the center invoke density variations. And the frequency supplied to the coil is merely a power supply frequency with no specific function. The only difference is that if we are scaling the coil to make it bigger, we are changing its spectrum.

And here, we encounter the question that puzzles many somehow. What is a spectrum? What effect does it have? The people seem to have difficulties grasping this concept. Let us review it on a simple eddy example. Here is how we depict it.

If we create a big (5-6 meters radius) eddy around the coil, we achieve 30-40 cm penetration into living tissue.

Within such an impact area we obtain one diameter, let us say at the height of 30 cm, where the rotation speed equals the speed of light. The frequency at this height is F1. Going down the funnel, we see the frequency increase due to the smaller radii, which results in frequency F2 being higher than F1. Creating an electrostatic funnel, we are forming a spectrum determined by geometry.

I used an example from an electromagnetic field theory, but in real life, one should view this frequency as rotated to the side torus since this is the way these frequencies work.

Such eddy can be created with a normal coil as well, without creation of additional circular electrostatics.

Should we increase the coil radius, we shall get lower frequencies. The frequencies below 250 kHz proved to be too low to noticeably affect living tissues, while the use of frequencies below 200 kHz proved to have an adverse effect. Huge coils may cause cardiac arrhythmia, additional pains, etc.

The distance from the device to the body does not have to be minimal. Clothing has no effect on the effectiveness of the treatment. Optimal parameters were determined through practical test methods. Outer coil diameter should be no more than 250 mm since the bigger coils may negatively influence the patient’s health. The power supply frequency should be within the 250–400 kHz range. This range corresponds to the most effective work of the non-inductive capacitances.

On a physical level, an electrostatic charge is directed at any closed-looped formation, and the eddy density should exceed the low-density region level in a virus cavity so that its elements can switch to our eddy, causing a virus to break up. The same effect can be observed when radio amateurs demagnetize their screwdrivers: they put a screwdriver into a normal inductor and supply alternating current to demagnetize it. The same is happening here. Only closed-looped formations in our bodies react to a standing electrostatic wave. It is the main working principle. Upon interaction, complex closed-looped structures break up into components.

Why do closed-looped formations aggressively react to the other structures? All closed-looped formations have a higher rotation speed and higher friction with the outer environment, if compared to other cells, as well. Tori — even the ones of a complex form — are self-circuited, and the high rotation speed results in the higher friction to which the organism reacts with red skin and increased body temperature. It is no medicine; pure physics here. We have a difference in speed between different objects.

Flat coils proved to be the most gentle as they have the most uniform spectrum. In order to create a spectrum able to home in on a smaller closed-looped formation, one should decrease the coil’s diameter to make a funnel mouth sharper. That is why we are using twisted-pair wiring to make tori.

What is the difference between the torus and a flat Mishin coil? A torus has coils that more or less repeat the winding diameter. If two coils have almost the same length, the spectrum gets a bit jagged.

This means the whole funnel would consist of harmonic components — visible even on an oscilloscope — if the torus is made clumsily. These are drawbacks of our production. The flat coils are considered to be the cleanest harmonic-wise. Currently, we are testing coils made of 0.1-0.2 mm wire in order to check their effect on even more aggressive diseases. While it is worth mentioning that our current coils are already effective against all closed-looped structures.

As regards geometry, I have studied the interesting materials on dimensions in electrostatics and came to the following conclusion — all environment-related technologies use dimensions measured in inches. Piping, tubing, cannon calibers, etc. — all use inches as a measurement unit. If we take an inch and multiply it by three, we get 7,62, which is a cannon caliber used during WWII. It means the people who designed those cannons knew what they were doing. Should you change the caliber, the cannon shall just blow up into pieces.

The same we apply in relation to our coils. In order to create a clean spectrum with no flaws affecting the emission, the coil should be supplied with pure sine. All current change impulses create pulsations and distortions, creating a background noise that negatively affects the body. Taking into account the meager power supplied (around 2-3 watts max.), however, these aberrations should not cause any harm, even if unwanted in principle. We are trying to avoid them. The outer diameter of the coil should be 1 inch, outer one — 3, 4, 5…