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PEMF Therapy in NYC: What is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy?

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
PEMF Therapy in NYC: What is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy?

Not a lot of people know this, but besides needing water, food, air, and sunlight to live, we also need the earth’s natural magnetic signals. When it comes to the regulation of our internal bodies, these signals are extremely important.

Over the last four centuries, the earth’s magnetic field seems to have weakened; moreover, due to our technological lifestyle, the earth's signals have become quite distorted. We can blame our mobile phones, electrical appliances, power grids, satellite signals, asphalt roads, broadcast stations, drainage pipes, etc., for all that.

Worse, all these directly impact our immune system, adversely weakening it.

Magnetic waves possess such a long wavelength that it goes right through our bodies, even thru the bones, as if it wasn’t there. These fields are actually essential to our body because they help generate more cellular energy. This additional energy is necessary in order to bring back balance in the body and help heal illnesses. Thus, the body needs magnetic fields for healing, strong immune function, and for overall health.

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The following is a list of the health benefits provided by PEMF therapy:

  • Boost the supply of nutrients, negative ions, and oxygen to cells
  • Enhanced micro-circulation
  • Better production of ATP through the excitation of electrons
  • A rise in partial oxygen pressure
  • Faster bio-synthesis of protein via energy and electron transfer
  • Activation of the normal production of RNA and DNA
  • More efficient transport and absorption of calcium for a stronger musculoskeletal system
  • Normalized anti-oxidation with the enhanced flow of available electrons
  • improved cellular tissue elasticity and a boost in the production of collagen
  • Faster detoxification of cells, tissues, and organs
  • More efficient cellular repair function
  • A stronger immune system reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling
  • Stimulation of the production and release of endorphins
  • Strengthened internal self-regulating mechanisms of the body through the stimulation of molecular and cellular processes

Boosting the efficiency of detoxification can only be achieved by having the strongest mitochondrial energy in the body in order for toxins such as PCB, dioxin, lead, and mercury to be completely eliminated from the body.

William Pawluk, M.D., said ‘Electromagnetic energy disruption in cells leads to poor cell metabolism. This is usually the cause of disease. The body is unhealthy if the cells are unhealthy”.

In the Arcadia Clinic in Germany and in Dr. Rau’s Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, PEMF Therapy has been used quite successfully.

One can and should avail of PEMF treatment in any healing therapy. The effects of this therapy before and after its use have been studied using Darkfield Microscopy tests. Results show production of healthy, energized, and active white blood cells increased while red blood cells were moving freely without any obstructions to their movement.

Based on the type of PEMF machine used, treatment may require daily sessions or two to three sessions per week.

Cancer clinics all over Europe are now equipped with PEMF machines. This technology is now actually deemed to be a standard modality in the treatment of cancer in Europe. PEMF devices are in accordance with the Medical Device Directive, which has certified these machines as medical devices. PEMF devices are known to kill cancer cells, distinguish between inflamed and unhealthy cells, stimulate the repair of DNA, and induce apoptosis (cellular suicide) in inflamed and cancer cells.

In a study spanning three years (1999 to 2002) involving the participation of 220 European medical doctors and over a thousand patients that were followed after being treated through PEMF, doctors found large-scale improvement in various conditions that included depression, arthritis, edema, diabetes type II, fractures, fibromyalgia, headaches (both non- migraine and migraine), general pain, hypertension, heart disease, incontinence, immune system disorders, incontinence multiple sclerosis, bladder problems, rheumatism, osteoporosis, spinal column diseases, sleep disorders, strokes, stomach disorders, tinnitus, tennis elbow, ulcers, wound healing, fatigue.

Fig.1 – Before PEMF Therapy

Before PEMF Treatment

The above and below pictures, photographed by Dr. Marcus Freudenmann in Germany under a Dark Field microscope, show samples of white blood cells for live blood cell analysis. The above image shows two white blood cells (encircled in red) in an inflamed and anaerobic body. As seen under the microscope, the cells in real-time remained entirely motionless and seemed to be highly compressed. Inside the cell, there seemed to be little movement too. Then within three to eight minutes, all the white and red cells disintegrated. The outer membrane collapsed, and within a very short time, the entire cell fell apart. The patient manifested a lack of energy, and she reported being fatigued and weak with no energy.

Fig.2 – After PEMF Therapy

After PEMF Treatment

After a 15-minute session of PEMF therapy and 20 minutes after undergoing the therapy, the blood sample of the same patient was again analyzed. In this next photo, the red blood cells separated, which makes them able to carry more oxygen. The white blood cell is three times as large as the red blood cell, which is normal for a healthy leukocyte. It is now a lot bigger than it was in the first photograph. The active movement of the cells was seen across the screen. The cytoplasm within the cell was vibrantly mobile and had a healthy shimmer. For about 45 minutes, all the cells had that membrane mobility and stability. The next morning, the blood appeared the same when retested.

The use of PEMF devices as a medical instrument in the treatment of several conditions has now been approved by the US FDA. In the US, the conditions used in PEMF therapy produced not as much improvement as when it was used in the European study. This therapy is an essential tool in most holistic cancer facilities and cancer clinics in Europe.

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PEMF is used for:

Brain cancer

Non-union bone fractures

Urinary incontinence

Muscle stimulation

Anxiety and Depression

Dr. William Pawluk says, “electromagnetic energy disruption in cells can result in poor cell metabolism. This is the final common pathway of disease. If cells are not healthy, the body is not healthy.” Our bodies use magnetic fields to generate cellular energy. This increased energy is needed to help our bodies maintain health as well as heal and regain balance.

All the 70 or so trillion cells in our body can be recharged with PEMF therapy. The device generates an electric spark akin to a bolt of lightning. The strong force of the strike penetrates right through the cell-stimulating it with its massive force bringing about all the positive effects we want our cell to have.

One characteristic of a healthy cell is its round shape with a thick border known as the membrane. Within the cell is where ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) is made. This compound is a nucleoside triphosphate used in cells and is considered to be the “molecular currency unit of intracellular energy transfer. Chemical energy is transported within cells through ATP. The membrane receptors absorb the nutrients in the body, and these receptors are also where all toxins exit the cell. When there is too much build-up of toxins in the body, as is wont to happen in modern life, the membrane develops blockage. This leads to more toxin build up since the cell can’t remove toxins. The cells clump together and degenerate due to poisoning. They shrink in size and have difficulty breathing (yes, cells do breathe, and Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize because he discovered that cancer cells are incapable of respiration). The bundled cells can be easily seen with a Dark Field microscope.

Cancer cells may develop very quickly, but in this growth, the cell membranes become brittle. They develop so fast that they literally lose the time to be soft, flexible, soft, and properly developed.

Dr. Rau describes the PEMF as a “negative ion shooter.” Healthy cells are negatively charged, while pathogenic cells are positive. We can generate healthy cells if, at the cellular level, we can place negative ions into the body. This is exactly what PEMF does. It shoots large quantities of negative ions directly into the cell structure, causing the cells to plump and pump back up. They start to function well and become round-shaped again.

The Benefits of PEMF Therapy and Conditions It Can Address


PEMF activates cellular functions that help the body get rid of harmful toxins besides providing other magical benefits within the cell. Studies have revealed that when blood sugar is not broken down, the body perceives it as toxic material. In one of these studies (2010, Wang et al.) showed that PEMF boosted adenosine triphosphate production by 38%. ATP is the main body substance that helps break down blood sugar. This boost was achieved through an electroporation-like effect that occurred in the mitochondrial membrane. One other theory for the ATP increase via PEMF is the expulsion theory. Toxins carry a positive charge, while PEMF energy is usually negative. When PEMF is able to create adequate amounts of ATP to reenergize the cell wall, the ATP will be able to eliminate toxins either to the exterior of the cell via small vacuoles until they are booted out of the cell or to the inside of the cell where the toxins are killed by lysosomes. There is a third explanation as to how PEMF expels toxins from the body. This is through the facilitation of circulation in veins and arteries. Veins, arteries, and lymph vessels are bundled together as they radiate throughout the body. The blood distributes food and oxygen as it circulates into the various body tissues. When blood circulates in the veins, it brings with it waste material and carbon dioxide to be discarded. Arterial pulses affect the nearby lymph vessels, which assists in the outflow of toxins within these vessels.


PEMF helps relieve inflammation by using the electromagnetic current to reenergize the surface of the cell. The process of inflammation is reversed by this recharge, helping relieve related swelling and pain. PMF also contributes to the input of more oxygen and blood to the injured areas, which leads to sound healing.

Cartilage and Bones:

PEMF can create an electrical field at the fracture site, which enhances electrical polarity, and this activates the body to repair the fracture and stimulates the natural healing process, which then creates a magnetic field inside the body.

Healthy bones preserve a dynamic balance between negative and positive charges. This polarity balance is disrupted when a bone fracture occurs, bringing about an electronegative imbalance. When the body has negative polarity, this means that it has started its natural healing process. A broken or bent human bone creates a low-level electrical field that initiates the internal repair function of the body that, in turn, activates bone healing.

Lower Back Pain:

Non-united lower back injuries can be united with the help of PEMF. A 2000 study (Richards) monitored patients suffering from low back pain related to lumbar disc injuries who did not get well through medical or surgical procedures. The subjects were treated with PEMF that was followed for up to one year and four months. In about 98 percent of patients who were PEMF treated, there was a successful fusion of their backbones compared to only 53 percent of patients who were not treated with PEMF.


PEMF can be a new way of treating cancer, particularly brain cancer (which the US FDA has already approved) and breast cancer. A 2013 study (Crocetti et al.) evaluated PEMF’s capacity to destroy breast cancer cells. After only three days of daily PEMF therapy was, the damage done to these cells noticed and resolved. In PEMF, the cancer cells are bombarded with so many negative ions that they overcharge and literally disintegrate – Kind of like blowing up a balloon, till it is so full of air that it eventually explodes.

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With the use of PEMF, bone formation can occur in people with osteoporosis. In a 2004 study (Philipson), 20 patients with osteoporosis were administered whole-body PEMF for a period of three months. The patient's bone density increased by an average of 5.6 percent after only six weeks of PEMF treatment.

Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis:

Patients with these conditions usually report an immediate alleviation of their pain after PEMF therapy. Bones have a better ability to absorb calcium when there is efficient transport of calcium in the body. This leads to a dramatic reduction of pain and stronger and healthy cartilage.


Hypertension can also be addressed with PEMF, as seen in a 2011 study (Nishimura et al.) that observed the effect of repeated treatments of PEMF (10 – 15 treatments per week for a month) in 20 patients suffering from mild to moderate high blood pressure. Blood pressure levels (systolic and diastolic) prior to, during, and after the study were taken and measured. Systolic blood pressure was decreased between baseline and the end of the exposure treatment; there was no improvement, however, in the diastolic blood pressure. The outcomes indicate that multiple treatments in a PEMF field can help lower blood pressure in mild-to-moderate high blood pressure people.


In a rarely reviewed 1996 study (Kirillov et al.), results revealed that along three quarters of patients (74 percent) who underwent PEMF therapy received good results compared to only 28 percent in the control group. The aim of the study was to improve vascular complications related to diabetes. New studies evaluating the effect of PEMF on diabetic damage to children’s retinas were done. Results showed that PEMF produced remarkable effects on the children’s retinal blood vessels. Another study in 2009 (Nikolaeva et al.) demonstrated that after ten daily PEMF sessions, the blood flow in the retinas of children suffering from diabetes significantly improved and helped prevent retinal edema, which is a very serious diabetes complication that can result in blindness.

Benefits of PEMF to the Cells


  • Strengthens the circulation of blood and intercellular fluid
  • Activates the production of RNA and DNA
  • Raises the energy levels of cells
  • Activates ATP production by the excitation of electrons
  • Boosts the levels of nutrients, ions, and cellular oxygen in the body
  • Improves communication between cellsBrings on cellular repair and healing
  • Stimulates cellular tissue elasticity by increasing collagen production
  • Speeds up protein bio-synthesis by energy and electron transfer
  • Promotes electron transport in cells

Biological Effects Provided by PEMF:

  • Provides significant relief of pain
  • Quickens detoxification of organs and cells
  • Contributes to the quick healing of injuries
  • Speeds up normal cell growth
  • Alleviates pain, inflammation, and swelling
  • Lessens the formation of fibrous tissue
  • Optimizes calcium absorption and transport for a stronger musculoskeletal system
  • Stimulates endorphin production and release
  • Fortifies the immune system

Scientific Studies:

A gist of medical studies providing a summary of medical studies dealing with the biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment is contained in two PDF files below: 1) Download (PDF) to view Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on the Effects of Magnetics on…. 2) Download (PDF) and Click on each Study for a link to the study found on

RIFE Therapy

Rife therapy uses vibrational energy, such as electrical resonance (ultra-sound technology), to destroy various pathogens such as protozoa, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses. Royal Raymond Rife (16-05-1888 – 05-08-1971) spent a lot of time observing viruses and bacteria to see at what frequency they vibrated. Dr. Rife then raised the intensity of the frequency until the cells of the pathogen were misshaped and became damaged. He called this frequency M.O.R. or mortal oscillatory rate as it impacted only one specific infective agent while leaving the other tissue and pathogens unharmed or unaffected. Dr. Rife eventually discovered the cancer cell’s frequency and was able to bring about cell apoptosis.

The AMA (American medical association), unfortunately, deemed Dr. Rife’s work to be scientifically inconclusive and thus did not give its approval for the use of the device as a medical instrument. Believing that there was a conspiracy against him, Rife suspected that the AMA was brainwashing the backers of his work and hiding his successes. Some say Dr. Rife was killed and much of his work stolen or lost. Several years later, the technology was re-discovered and is now utilized to treat patients. Rife therapy for cancer treatment and management has still not been approved by the FDA and AMA. The machines can still be used for ‘pain management and other specific treatments.

Because almost all of Rife’s work was lost, the frequencies used in the machines used today are, at times, questioned, implying that several of the Rife frequency machines currently used are not effective.

Rumor has it that there exist a few of the original Rife machines today, although their locations are a closely guarded secret.

Still, there are a lot of those current machines that have produced impressive results. Some of them have actually been used in clinical trials to ascertain their effectiveness.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

We all know that light is essential to life, and our body reacts to it in so many ways. We need light to see. Our eyes are photosensitive, and when light hits our retinas, it initiates a chemical reaction that enables us to see. Sunlight also creates certain biochemical reactions that stimulate vitamin D synthesis in our skin. This can be seen when we get suntans which occur when our melanocytes proliferate due to the stimulation of sunlight giving us a ‘brown’ tan. Light causes a chemical reaction with other things as well. Hydrogen peroxide will chemically degrade when it is exposed to light that’s why it is stored in dark bottles. One way or another, light has an effect on practically all things.

This process of bringing on the biological response by energy transfer is how low-level laser therapy works. The laser delivers photonic energy into the tissue regulating biological processes inside the tissue and in the biological system that the tissue is part of.

There are definite therapeutic effects on cerebral vascular and ischemic cardiac diseases with the use of low-intensity laser irradiation. Clinical and base studies suggest that LLLT can boost blood flow, particularly microcirculation and blood-related properties. It can stabilize immune function and detoxification and enhance enzyme activity leading to the removal of free radicals, improve the activity of K+-Na+- ATP enzyme in the red blood cell membrane, inhibit thrombus formation, raise SOD level, which helps to expel free radicals, facilitate blood hyperkinesias, increase red cell metabolic ability, strengthen hemorheological attributes, reduce blood viscosity; normalize fibrinolysis as well as some other biological effects.

The principle on which LLT is based has been integrated into low-intensity laser nasal irradiation. There are many blood vessels in the mucous membrane of the nasal epidermis. Blood flow is very slow in that area. Low-intensity laser nasal irradiation therapy can be used at home, and it is a very safe treatment causing no medicinal side effects, pain, or cuts.

Since the nose has a lot of blood capillaries that are very close to the skin surface, low-level laser therapy is usually applied there. Better-shaped red blood cells and significantly less clumping lead to better circulation, better exchange of nutrients, and highly efficient oxygen transport.

Low-Level Laser Therapy Can Help:

  • Boost circulation
  • Lower blood viscosity
  • Boost the immune system
  • Enhances red blood cell deformability
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reinforces peripheral circulation

It Also Helps Manage:

  • Coronary heart diseases
  • High blood lipids
  • Renal diseases
  • Migraine headaches
  • Peripheral neuropathy (tingling/numbness in the feet and hands)
  • Pain (due to nerve damage, burns, radiation, etc.)
  • Wound healing (post-surgical wounds and others)

A hundred randomized double-blind controlled placebo studies have proven LLLT’s positive clinical effects. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given LLLT devices a ‘non-significant risk medical device’ classification. This therapy is completely safe, and provided that careful operation is undertaken and that the eyes are shielded by protective eyewear, the patient is in no danger of any health risks.SCAR TherapyScars caused by injuries or from previous surgeries can cause blockage to the meridians or energy pathways of the body. Fields of energy infuse and surround our body, and the meridians of oriental medicine are very much associated with these energy fields. The flow of electricity in the nervous system can be disrupted by a scar creating interference fields. Interference fields can inhibit the robust and normal flow of electromagnetic energy of the flow within the acupuncture meridian system of the body, eventually leading to symptomology that conventional therapies usually find very difficult to track back to their original underlying root. In electricity, a component that stores electrical charge is known as a capacitor. Interference fields function the same way as capacitors in that they store up electricity that does not circulate because its flow is being inhibited by a scar. The accumulation of electricity eventually becomes too much that it is usually released violently and randomly into the body and usually into body regions that they were not intended for, resulting in all forms of complications in the body of the person. Interference fields are usually far from the part of the body that’s manifesting symptoms, and they can be found almost anywhere in the body. An old knife cut, for example, can generate migraine headaches, or a scar from a wisdom tooth extraction might create chronic low back pain. The best way to handle scar-caused interference fields is to rub the scar with organic wheat germ oil or Vitamin E oil for a minute or so once a day. If that’s not enough, then focusing a portable cold laser device on it once a week for around four minutes should do the trick.