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Preparing for your Breast Thermography Exam

Written by Galina
Last updated February 28, 2023
Preparing for your Breast Thermography Exam



Women who are in menopause can do this anytime of the month. But ONLY before noon.


Women who still have menstrual cycles must schedule sometime between after first day of ovulation till the start of menstrual period

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Pre-Exam Prep and Individual Physical Profile

Appropriate patient booking and prep before the testing is required in order to ensure compliance with the ACT Examination Prerequisites.

Health issues that affect the body’s temperature – either high or low – may affect the person’s normal thermal qualities hence, patients experiencing common colds, the flu, etc. should reschedule the test for a later time.

Patients must adhere to the protocol set by ACT Examination in advance of the exam. These guidelines have been put in place to increase the precision of the exam by removing the different factors that could affect a patient’s thermal qualities.

Alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee or sodas that contain caffeine shouldn’t be ingested for 12 hours before the exam. Cold or hot drinks need to be refrained from for no less than 1 full hour prior to when an ACT Examination will be carried out.​

If at all possible, pain killers, aspirin, vasodilators/constrictors and/or any other comparable medicines need to be refrained from for 24 hours just before the examination.

No smoking for 2 hours before an ACT Examination.

Do not schedule an ACT Exam within 2 weeks following sunburn exposure. Creams or lotions may not be put on face, neck or upper chest are for at least 24 hours just before the exam.​

Vigorous exercise routines that may affect circulation ought to be put off for 24 hours just before the exam.

The best test results with Breast Thermography is achieved 8-10 day from the beginning of menstruation.

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Before your exam:

  • You must wait at least 3 months after major breast surgery, completion of chemotherapy or radiation before a thermal exam.
  • You must wait at least 1 month after biopsy or minor surgery
  • Avoid tanning or sunburn 1 week before the exam

24 hours before the exam:

  • Avoid exercise or physical stimulation, massage or chiropractic adjustments
  • Refrain farom sauna, steam-room or hot/cold packs
  • No significant fevers

On the day of the exam:

  • Do not shave your underarms or use any skin creams, lotions or deodorants on the areas to be imaged

For 2 hours before the exam:

  • Refrain from tobacco use, coffee or tea consumption
  • Refrain from exercise, bathing or showering
  • Avoid eating or chewing gum

During the exam:

You will be in a comfortably cool private room. The measurements will be taken by contact of the thermometer with your body. There will be no injections, radiation or fluids to drink.

You will be offered a special brazier for breast or bodysuit for body exam to wear during the exam.

Breast exam will take about 15-30 minutes, depending on a size of the breast. A full body exam will take approximately 60-90 minutes and time is allowed to briefly review the images before you leave.

Your images, along with your questionnaire and interpretation will be sent or given to you when the report is complete.

A copy can be sent to your doctor by written request.

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