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Searching for an Experienced, Skilled and Qualified Acupuncturist in New York

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Searching for an Experienced, Skilled and Qualified Acupuncturist in New York

Before surgery, the patient is briefed and informed of what to do and expect before, during and after surgery. The New York acupuncturist does the same thing to his patient. In this regard the acupuncturist needs to inform the patient of the dos and don’ts of acupuncture.

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One of the first things the acupuncturist tells his patient is not to eat too much before and/or after the treatment. He also will ask that the patient needs to refrain from consuming alcohol or any type of alcoholic beverages as well as not to engage in any sexual activity about 6 hours before and after acupuncture. The procedure itself typically lasts about 45 minutes to more than an hour. Typically you can take your prescription medicine if needed before you go for your acupuncture treatment. Some patients may see the results of acupuncture after two treatment sessions. To make future sessions more productive, you can jot down the feelings you have experienced from your last session and relate them to your acupuncturist. This will give the acupuncturist vital information and can modify his treatment procedures to make them even more effective than before.

Along with the acupuncture treatment itself, the acupuncturist may also combine herbal medicine to quicken and optimize the effects of the treatment. If you are presently taking medications, you need to talk to your doctor first to see if it is safe to take the herbs along with your medications. Pregnant females are discouraged to undergo acupuncture to keep both the baby and the mother safe. She can go for acupuncture treatment as soon she has given birth.

The results of the treatment can vary depending on the skill of the acupuncturist. You need to look for an acupuncturist who is qualified and experienced on the procedure that targets your particular health problem. A good acupuncturist will have years of experience and the proper credentials to be able to determine an accurate diagnosis which leads to the right form of treatment for you. His skill in performing the treatment should be impeccable enabling you to feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. He will know exactly the acupoints to treat with acupuncture needles and know at what angle the needles should stay to optimize the effects of the needling process. He also knows the different types of acupuncture and knows exactly what type is the one best suited for your condition.

To look for a good acupuncturist, you can ask your own doctor if he can refer any good and qualified practitioner for you. You can also perform research on the internet and see if there is one whose office is near your place. In the United States, there are about 3.000 registered acupuncture practitioners scattered throughout the country so finding a good one for you can be easy.