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Shattering Cancer One Cell At A Time: Novobiotronics!

Written by Novobiotronics
Last updated April 28, 2023


Novobiotronics' scientists have been investigating the use of a new type of technology known as PEFT (Plasma Emission Field Treatment) as a possible nontoxic, noninvasive and inexpensive means of treating cancer cells. Initial laboratory experimentation has demonstrated that PEFT may well become a new tool in the arsenal of weapons utilized in fighting this dreaded disease. In some ways, it may become the most important tool of the 21st century in helping to fight cancer. Novobiotronics was the first company to obtain hard scientific data in a 21st Century major cancer research laboratory, that PEFT may open new doors in the treatment of cancer.

Novobiotronics will soon begin a process of slowly releasing key data from our groundbreaking cancer cell experiments, but our work is far from done. As we show the public the results of our early studies of the effects of PEFT on various types of cance cellsr, we hope you will become interested enough to help us obtain vitally needed equipment and supplies for the next leg of our research. Novobiotronics is a grass roots organization which up to this point has operated quite literally on a 'shoe string' budget, and yet it has attained results that at least one reknowned cancer researcher has called 'impossible!' [direct quote: "If this had been a new drug (for cancer) developed with millions of dollars, this (these results) would be considered a 'home run!'". ]

Novobiotronics has discovered that PEFT may affect cancer cells in four different and important ways. As we begin to release the data from our recent work on cancer cells, the potential multiple affects of PEFT on cancer will become more clear to the public, perhaps helping to eplain why we formed Novobiotronics Inc.. It is our intention to explore the full potential of PEFT treatment and other cutting edge electronic technologies and to utilize them in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Our current research efforts are attempting to lay a foundational groundwork through technical laboratory experiments. If we can raise sufficient interest and funds, we will move to animals models and experiments as soon as it becomes a viable option, but there is much work to be done yet with in-vitro studies. Please read on to learn of our great progress to date.

Below is a photograph taken at a major cancer research center of Dr. Anthony G. Holland, President of Novobiotronics Inc.. Dr. Holland was the first to discover and document the affects of PEFT on human cancer cells in vitro.