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Some Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Acupuncture Treatment

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023

You might not be sure about getting acupuncture New York because it is a treatment you are really not familiar with and all you’ve heard about this treatment is that it uses needles which already raise scary thoughts about it. You may also wonder about how much it costs but you may be attracted to it because you know it as an all natural treatment that has been around for a long time.

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The first thing you can do is to go and visit an acupuncturist who can also be your doctor since a lot of physicians are now practicing medical acupuncturists. You can inquire all about this treatment and if it can treat your specific health problem. Do not be ashamed to ask questions that deal with this treatment and about the qualifications, credentials and experience of the acupuncturist. Conferring with the acupuncturist regarding any concerns gives you peace of mind and makes you better informed about what acupuncture can do.

If you have undergone acupuncture treatment, the next best thing to do is to drink copious amounts of fluids. You need to stay hydrated to wash away toxins that may need a little help to push them out of the body system. You might experience specific body aches if you are not fully hydrated. After drinking fluids, you may need to rest your body. Sometimes after an acupuncture treatment, you might feel tired. You can rest or sleep if you want to. Do not expose yourself to a full day of work if possible after you have been treated with acupuncture. If after treatment you might feel energized, you can be active but be sure not to stress yourself.

Another thing you should do after an acupuncture treatment is to avoid drinking alcohol. You need to refrain from drinking alcohol at least for one full day (24 hours). One main reason to refrain from alcohol intake is that the body has more difficulty in filtering out toxins from the body. The fact is alcohol does add more toxins to the body causing the liver and kidney to overwork and damaging them as well.

One thing you can do also is to eat healthy diets. Acupuncture has restored balance in the body and this balance can be thrown into disarray once again when you eat a poor unhealthy diet. If you do want to eat junk foods then eat them as minimally as possible and not regularly. Foods rich in proteins and vegetables are best to help you maintain proper balance in the body.

Before and after undergoing acupuncture, do not travel long distances for at least a day. Allow your body to completely rest to be able to maximize the benefits of the treatment.