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What is Infrared Breast Thermography?

Written by Galina
Last updated February 28, 2023
What is Infrared Breast Thermography?

Infrared Breast Thermography (also known as No-Touch or Non-Contact Breast Scan) is actually a non-contact method of helping detect breast cancer earlier. Another advantage is thermography does not emit cancer causing radiation in the first place. The infrared digital camera shoots thermal pictures that reveal minor alterations (thermal signs) in the physiology of the breast, therefore helping detect cancer tumors approximately 10 years in advance of other techniques like mammography or palpation.

While this is a highly accurate method of revealing thermal signs consistent with thermal signs known to be correlated with cancer symptoms, it has been rarely employed in the medical establishment, but that is rapidly changing.

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The cost of Infrared Non-Contact Breast Thermography is $275.

Thermography carries a** 9% for both false positive readings, as well as false negatives** – and is pain-free providing a complete preview of the torso and the under arm area.