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What is Carctol?

Carctol is made from a mixture of 8 herbs.  It is based on Ayurvedic medicine.

In 1968 an Ayurvedic doctor, called Nandlal Tiwari, started promoting Carctol alongside dietary changes. He claimed that it could help treat and prevent many types of illness, including cancer. There is no scientific evidence that it can treat cancer.

The herbs that make up Carctol are:

  • hemidesmus indicus

  • tribulus terrestris

  • piper cubeba linn

  • ammanniabaccifera linn

  • lepidium sativum linn

  • blepharis edulis

  • smilax china linn

  • rheum emodi wall



  • Carctol is a mixture of 8 herbs

  • There is no scientific evidence that it can treat or prevent cancer

  • Carctol has side effects

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