Non Surgical Face Lift in New York – What is Microcurrent Facelift?



The Non-surgical Face Lift was originally based on an acupuncture treatment which regenerated the wrinkle sagging facial muscles of post stroke and Bell’s palsy patients. Microcurrent was then added for better and faster results. Microcurrent was used very successfully for regeneration of skin ulcers and burns, as well as for muscle regeneration and strengthening after trauma in Olympic athletes.

Usually results are seen after the first treatment, and even more improvement is noted a few hours later or the next day. Skin tone, complexion and coloration improve notably with each treatment.

During this treatment can be treated other skin conditions like:

Brown spots/patches
Pimples or acne
Dark circles/rough dark skin


  • cosmetic-acupuncture-nycImproves muscle tone
  • Increases circulation, tightens the skin naturally Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and cellular metabolism
  • Enhances the skin’s own ability to heal, and looks more natural then surgical face lift
  • Promotes relaxation and general well-being, treats the whole body
  • Clients who have already had a surgical facelift greatly benefit from facial rejuvenation treatments ( Skin will be healthier, facelift will last longer )
  • Facial rejuvenation treats the blood stasis, scarring, and potential numbness and pain of surgical facelifts, even years later

Environmental and health factors which impact skin condition

  1. Pollution, makeup, poor skin care – blocked pores
  2. Sun exposure, dry climates
  3. Smoking, alcohol, drug use
  4. Decreased water intake
  5. Poor diet, lack of exercise
  6. Stress, tension, emotional imbalance
  7. Poor sleep, gravity – sleeping on side of the face, jogging, running

Surgical treatment vs. natural treatment

  • Surgery is not only costly, but may cause damage: scarring, bleeding, bruising, infection, and occasional nerve damage, which may lead to paralysis of facial muscle
  • Adverse reactions to the use of antiseptics, anesthesia, antibiotics and other medications

Suggested number of treatments for series – ten to twenty within a short period

  • New York Cosmetic AcupunctureOptimally, two or more treatments per week for first ten treatments, then one treatment per week for remainder
  • Patients under 40 years of age will generally need ten treatments; patients over 40 tend to need fifteen to twenty, depending on skin condition
  • Patients in their 30’s can begin treatment as a preventative measure to slow the aging process; this works on a cellular level to keep the skin healthy
  • Smokers, drinkers, drug users, and sunbathers usually need between fifteen to twenty treatments

Maintenance treatments –

  • Every four to six weeks; up to three months may elapse before maintenance is necessary
  • Clients may  wish to be treated prior to special occasions (pictures, reunions, parties, holidays)

Suggestions for between treatments:

  • Herbal cleansers and moisturizers should be used daily
  • Self massage to enhance treatments
  • Water consumption should be six to ten glasses per day, especially on days of treatment
  • Watch your diet; avoid wax on apples and cucumbers due to its adverse effects on the large intestine
  • Avoid sleeping on the side and abdomen

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