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The EDUCTOR system is a bio resonance system and can detect the healthy frequency of our cells and organs.  It measures frequencies for more than 11,000 different substances in our physiology.  This information allows Vitalgate to assess patients’ individual physical needs, as well as the weaknesses, dysfunction, ailments, and energetic imbalances within the body.  The device itself has therapeutic and curative effects. Trauma, injury, and stress may be reduced. Muscle injuries and pains may cause ripple effects of pain in other areas, however, the Eductor effectively identifies
and solves them. 

In addition, there may be improvements or resolution for:


  • Overall well-being

  • Mental health

  • Physical performance

  • Detection and reduction of stress

  • Treatment of muscle weakness

  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of the
    muscles after injury or extreme sports

  • Pain relief

  • Stress factors and blockages of the body

  • Harmony in the body


When a cell isn’t in alignment, using the Eductor to deliver the proper frequency to the cell will “re-tune” it to its proper frequency.  This allows it to regenerate, recover, and thrive. The technology also supports and strengthens tissue development within the body—this maintains good health.  Cells’ reactions to various electronic frequencies spur physiological changes within them—this can mean reversing cell damage for unhealthy cells.  Given the Eductor improves and supports the body’s natural self-healing process, there are no side effects from the treatment. The specificity of the technology measures every individual—and customized curative frequencies.


How does it work?

Five electrodes are attached: around the forehead, to the patient’s wrists, and to the patient’s ankles. Once the measurements are completed, the software generates the results for the individual. The practitioner is immediately able to determine stress factors, energetic imbalances, and any misalignment with energy. The analysis determines what the patient requires at the cellular level—with zero pain.  There are patients who report the treatment as pleasant, energizing, or relaxing—depending on what their physiology is.


There are a myriad of stressors in the body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxins, to name a few—and each one has its own frequency. The EDUCTOR readjusts the which aren’t in alignment with the organism, thus, restoring harmony to the body.


**While medical knowledge is required to use these therapeutic devices, the Scio-Eductor and the Eductor are not a substitute for medical treatment nor screening.  However, as complementary therapy, they offer numerous applications and benefits including a precise, overall picture of the health of our entire organism: mental, physical, and spiritual.**

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