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Vegetative Resonance Test “IMEDIS-TEST”

Vegetative resonance test (VRT) or Vega Test was developed in Germany by Doctor H.Schimmel (1978 ). It’s based on methods of electropunctural diagnostics by R. Voll (EAV) and bioelectronic functional diagnostic by  Schmidt and  Pflaum (BFD). However, in VRT just one reproducible point is used while EAV uses 500 – 1000 biologically active points (BAP) and BFD – 100-150 BAP.

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VRT method is introduced to clinical practice since 1978 when German company “VEGA” developed first apparatus for this method called “VEGA-TEST”. More the 15 years experience of researches of Doctor H.Schimmel and his followers turned this method into extremely effective diagnostic method primarily by using special cassettes (ampoules) with test preparations.


Method of VRT Reveals

1. Organs with different disturbances
2. Allergic burden and select effective medicine
3. Geopathic burdenFir
4. Disturbance of acid-alkaline balance
5. Cyst processes
6. Insufficiency of vitamins and minerals


1. Biological age index, etc.
2. Adaptation reserves of the organism, optimal for the current moment and maximum possible reserves of individual
3. Degree of stress and exhaustion of the immune and endocrine systems
4. Psychical condition
5. Mesenchyme blockades
6. Indications for application of nosode therapy and find key nosode
7. Existence of non-malignant and malignant tumors
8. Efficiency and tolerance of medicines
9. Degree of physical exhaustion, etc.

Currently, homeopathy is considered to be one of the methods related with influence onto a human organism via oscillatory processes. It’s supposed that homeopathic preparation is influencing as a result of resonance interaction between wave processes in organism and preparation. The same mechanism is used in VRT.

Use of newly introduced integrative criteria of patient’s health condition allow to optimize diagnostic and using imitation modeling evaluate results of different types and variants of therapy at the testing stage.

Use of VRT “IMEDIS-TEST” allows to optimize selection of modes of endogenous and exogenous bioresonance therapy (BRT) and evaluate its results.

Use of “IMEDIS-BRT” apparatuses during vegetative resonance test opens wide abilities and allows use of patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations instead of preparations from test-kits and create optimal bioresonance preparations according to desired criteria. Similarly it’s possible to test and record external resonance-frequency influences.

Center “IMEDIS” developed apparatuses realizing VRT in extended volume, produces cassettes with preparations for testing.

Methodic recommendations of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation №99/96 “Electropunctural vegetative resonance test” are the official basis for clinical use of this method.

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