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Please click on the link below to download the verification of insurance coverage for acupuncture.

Verification Of Insurance Coverage For Acupuncture Form

Q: How do I know if my policy covers Acupuncture care?

A: Your policy or your company manual explains your benefits. It will usually tell you:

  1. Who can provide the service (physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.)
  2. How much is reimbursed (e.g. two sessions/week for a yearly total of $1,000). The percentage, maximum number of sessions and total are different on each policy.
  3. The deductible.
  4. The co-payment (e.g. the benefits will pay 80%, leaving 20% unpaid).

Q: Can you help me make sense out of my policy?

A: We will give you a “Verification of Insurance Form.” This will help you ask the questions and find out the answers you need. Call your insurance company and write down on the sheet the answers the company gives you regarding your policy. Sometimes all you need to do is check with personnel for company insurance, or you can ask them for the name and telephone number of the group health insurance carrier to call.

Q: Do you accept insurance assignment?

A: We accept insurance assignment on that portion of the bill which your insurance company covers. You will sign a form stating that benefits can be sent directly to the Acupuncturist for payment of services rendered. Remember, you will still be responsible regardless of insurance payment.

Q: Do you wait for insurance payment on my bill?

A: We allow 60 days for the insurance company to pay. At that point you are responsible for covering full payment, if the insurance company has either not paid or has not paid in full. We recommend that you call the insurance company at the 45 day point to check on your claim.

Q: What portion of the bill must I cover with insurance assignment?

A: We expect the patient to cover the portion (which the insurance company does not cover), this is usually 20-50% of the fee each session, depending on the structure of your policy.

Q: When do I bring in your “Verification of Insurance Form” and my insurance claim form?

A: You should bring these in either on your next visit or as soon as possible so you can begin assignment.

Q: How do I submit my claim?

A: We will give you a separate instruction sheet for this.

Q: Where do I need to sign on the Acupuncturist’s insurance billings?

A: Usually there are two places: 1. Release of information (this allows us to tell the company you are receiving services). 2. Assignment of benefits (this allows the company to reimburse us directly).

Q: How often do I submit insurance bills?

A: Submit your bills immediately to the insurance company so payment can be received within the 60 day period.

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