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Lymphstar Pro

It is our pleasure to offer you a remarkable instrument that individual customers and health professionals alike will surely find extremely useful – The Lymphstar Pro! This product is now deemed to be the best in its class. A product of years of technological and design innovation, research, and user-feedback, we guarantee that its efficiency and versatility is the best anyone can offer.

Preferred Model

By far, the most popular of the LymphStar Pro
models is the Portable Model #1016 which
comes with a standard transmission head.
For use outside the US, we recommend the
Model #1017.

Transmission Heads
(Sold separately)

Standard Transmission Head Model #1013
Large Transmission Head Model #2012
Small Transmission Head Model #1014

Lymphatic System

The Lymphstar Pro is specifically designed for use in procedures affiliated with lymph mobility as well as for clearing and cleansing out toxins in the tissue associated with the lymphatic system. The Lymphstar Pro combines harmonics (sound) and photonic (light) with noble gas ionization making it a versatile and extremely effective healing system.

Therapeutic Technique

An essential part of the immune system, the lymphatic system functions mainly to protect the body by filtering and draining out the body of waste materials. One important aspect of health which we espouse and recommend is the drainage of lymph fluids. Sometimes, this drainage is disrupted due to the rise of blockages in lymph flow which can be caused by factors such as hormonal imbalance, environmental toxins, emotional and physical stress, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, surgery, injuries, and the aging process. When a blockage develops, it causes a buildup of lymphatic fluid, which in turn, leads to various types of symptoms including edema or tissue swelling. Because of this, toxins gradually accumulate in the body since it cannot be effectively expelled. It also weakens the function of the immune system causing it to perform at less than optimal levels. The end result is the rise of various types of diseases and dysfunctions.

How the LymphStar Pro Works

The 1930’s saw the rise of a medical procedure in Europe known as manual lymph drainage. With the help of light massaging techniques, the manual lymph drainage was shown to efficiently decrease disorders related to the lymph; the process, however, was extremely tedious and labor intensive. A sophisticated electronic instrument was developed less than a decade after that was found to aid and heighten the effects of manual lymph drainage, and more importantly, made the treatment simpler and treatment time shorter. The most recent innovation of this instrument is the Lymphstar Pro. Over time, the Lymphstar Pro has proven to be a very effective and safe medical equipment that can be used in various medical applications. Various practitioners have developed new techniques for performing this revolutionary therapy. Several different kinds of practitioners use this tool for diverse applications.

The technology the Lymphstar Pro uses is based on vibrational energy. it works by emitting “information” to the cells’ energy field through light frequencies and sound frequencies (harmonics). This information is generated through a process known as “noble gas ionization.” Years of research have already been done studying the energetic effects of these noble gases. The noble gases argon and xenon are mixed together optimally in an enclosed Pyrex glass tube. Electricity activates the gases producing a plasma or energy field that radiates from the tube to the skin that’s then conveyed through the entire bio-energy system. The proteins in the stagnated lymph fluid are re-polarized clearing the stagnation and enabling the fluid in the blocked areas to FLOW. The lymph system can then be able to perform its cleansing functions optimally!

When you use the Lymphstar Pro, you need to place the transmission head or heads on the skin. This instrument comes with an instructional video and a product manual that will help guide you in it is applications, placement sequences, and timing. Lymphatic massage can be performed right after the use of the equipment. You can also choose not to have the massage and just opt for the equipment instead along with other modalities such as reflexology, acupuncture and others. Body brushing is advised if it’s for personal use.

LymphStar Pro – Its Benefits

  • It’s an ideal complement to manual lymph drainage procedures meant to hasten tissue detoxification and unblock the lymphatic system to increase lymph flow

  • Relieves pain related to lymphatic issues.

  • Treats swollen lymph nodes, fibrotic conditions, and edemas. The treatment has been reported to work on several other conditions like fatigue syndromes, immune syndromes, neuromuscular trauma, heavy metal toxicity, chronic conditions, dental trauma, chronic female conditions, hormonal imbalances, prostate conditions, headaches, respiratory conditions, sinus conditions, allergies, joint aches, chronic pain, inflammation, and breast lumps.

  • Helps prevent the rise of prostate and breast diseases

  • Ideal complement to manual lymph drainage procedures that’s meant to unblock the lymphatic system, speed up tissue detoxification and boost lymph flow

  • Cosmetically speaking, it Improves the health of the skin and face by helping drain out fluid deposits in the face. It also can be used in micro-dermabrasion and other post-procedures and in all cellulite reduction treatments.

  • Can give the individual renewed energy, feelings of well-being, emotional balance, and relaxation

Used successfully in complementary clinics internationally and in the US, the Lymphstar Pro is used by a wide spectrum of health professionals including lymphatic therapists, dentists, aestheticians, health spa therapists, dentists, colon therapists, chiropractors, body workers and naturopaths. Lymphatic therapy is now being widely recommended by more and more doctors.

Lymphstar Pro – Its Features

  • Easily adjustable: The intensity of the energy (low to high or high to low) can be easily adjusted through the Intensity Dial. We have added the latest future called -a pulse rate variability control that can easily tune the treatment based on  the specific needs of the person (Exclusive to our product)

  • An advanced electronic circuit: This feature was built in order for the machine to be more biologically compatible. Amplifies and optimizes cellular communication (Exclusive to our product)

  • Three case styles to fit your requirements: Portable Model, Desktop Model, and for veterinarians, the EVP model.

  • We now offer three modes of treatment heads for optimal flexibility: The most ergonomic is the Standard Transmission Head and is used for clinical purposes. For dual head therapy, the Large Probe is recommended, and the Small Probe (bi-lateral with two heads) is a general purpose tool that can be used for applications such as fine facial work

  • For the widest range of effects, the noble gas mixture is well-balanced with xenon and argon gases.

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