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The Cellgym® CellAir®

Your body needs the right amount of energy so you can function at your best. Every single movement requires energy from your body. Talking, walking, and eating would not be possible without a constant supply of energy. Over time, it may be more difficult for your body to produce the energy necessary to help you perform at an optimal level. The Cellgym® CellAir® Gecko is designed to improve energy efficiency, performance, and recovery to help you live a fuller life.

How can the CellAir® Gecko enhance vitality? The secret is intermittent hypoxic training (IHT). Similar to altitude training, IHT can improve your overall performance and conditioning. But with the CellAir® Gecko, you don’t need to go to the mountains like Olympic athletes to reap the energy benefits of intermittent hypoxic therapy. Instead, you can simply use the CellAir® Gecko machine in the comfort of your own home.

How It Works


The CellAir® Gecko machine can be used while sitting. Using a specialized breathing mask, you will consume a combination of normal oxygen air and oxygen-reduced air. This process can help enhance your energy production.


Your Cellgym® program can be customized to determine the ideal training regimen for you. Your age and fitness level are taken into account when creating your Cellgym® training program. The Cellgym® app (accessible on your smartphone or tablet) can regulate and measure your training sessions. Track your progress and visualize your improvements in real time with the CellAir® Gecko device.

A Different ApproachTo Overall Wellness

The CellAir® Gecko can provide a wide range of benefits extending from your hobbies to your everyday life. IHT can promote improved recovery, more energy, and less fatigue.

Athletes and non-athletes alike can utilize the Cellgym® CellAir® Gecko to their advantage. Professional athletes can improve energy production while optimizing their aerobic and anaerobic capacity using Cellgym® training. The Cellgym® CellAir® Gecko can also help to improve overall endurance. Climbers can use Cellgym® to acclimatize to high altitudes before stepping foot on the mountain, as the Cellgym® CellAir® Gecko can help prepare your body for the shift in altitude when climbing.

The Results = Enhance Vitality

The CellAir® Gecko can help you go about your day with more energy. People from all walks of life can use the versatile CellAir® Gecko to create an ideal training program. IHT can aid in weight management, improve metabolism, and prevent fatigue. Athletes can improve overall athletic performance, endurance, and aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Climbers can acclimatize to high altitude before starting their expeditions using the CellAir® Gecko device.

The Cellgym® CellAir® Gecko system is a revolutionary wellness option. Discover the advantages of IHT training and see how the CellAir® Gecko can benefit you! Contact us for more information.

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