First Visit

  • This appointment can run between 40-60 minutes depending on your needs and condition.

  • Sign release form

  • Listen to your state of health and needs

  • Gather information from the body by observing tongue, nails, face, ears, and iris of the eye (if required).

  • Gather information from the body with the help of Bioresonance equipment, which is non-invasive

  • Discuss findings

  • Explain how VitalGate Health can help, discuss any concerns and treatment strategy 

  • Provide you with a digital bio-informational remedy at the end of the session so you can know what to expect


Follow Up Visits

  • At the beginning of every follow up visit, the patient’s condition is re-evaluated using bioresonance testing protocol

  • This quick and comprehensive re-evaluation allows us to monitor the patient’s progress closely and identify newly developed conditions  

  • Following the re-evaluation, Bioresonance treatment may be recommended based on the results and digital bio-informational remedy is provided at the end of the session



  • Please download the forms below before your first visit to our office or please prepare for extra time to fill forms at the clinic for your first visit.