About Isopathy

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Pleomorphic remedies (also known as Isopathy / Sanum Remedies) are a form of oral therapy. In Isopathy, there is a fundamental mutability of form of microorganisms; that rests on the belief in the fundamental mutability of form in microorganisms and that microorganisms can abruptly change from an avirulent benign form into a potentially virulent, pathogenic form. Pleomorphism proposes that an endobiont (symbiotic, primal plant germ in the erythrocyte, as named by Professor Dr. Gunther Enderlein) lives in genuine symbiosis with the host organism (the patient) with mutual benefits. Only through outer factors can the endobiont multiply and develop in a process which can considerably disturb the symbiotic equilibrium and cause dysfunction in the body.