Acupuncture for Back Pain

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Recent medical studies have revealed that the use of acupuncture as treatment for low back pain not only provides long lasting relief than physical therapy, pain killers and injections, but also it takes care of the root causes of the back pain.

Low back pains mostly occur when a rarely exercised muscle is suddenly subjected to excessive use and acupuncture can reduce the pain easily. If you live or stay in New York and you’re searching for a consultant in acupuncture back pain, New York, continue reading..

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice which is based on the principle or life energy (known as qi in Chinese). Life force flows in the human body following meridian pathways. The meridians keep in touch with the different organs and if the flow of energy is disrupted, health problems might occur. Acupuncture is used to repair the disruption and restore the flow of energy naturally without involving expensive chemicals or surgery.

Small thin needles are used by acupuncturists for low back pain and back pain treatment. Extremely fine stainless steel needles are injected in to the specified area. They are left there for a short duration, from 5 minutes to half an hour. These needles are so fine that the patients availing acupuncture low back pain treatment do not even feel them after they are inserted. Patients may feel a little tingle or nothing at all.

Medical scientists are still trying to find how acupuncture has been a successful form of treatment for low back pain. Many US based researchers on acupuncture back pain therapy believe that acupuncture stimulates or releases the flow of endorphins or human body’s own pain killers that affect the central nervous system. However the real mechanism by which the acupuncture needle works still remains a mystery.

Low back pain patients who have received relief by acupuncture only care that acupuncture works and they are not concerned on why and how it works! Acupuncture helps to improve the circulation of blood to the lumbar region and spinal cord thereby relaxing the spinal muscles and reducing low back and back pain symptoms. Acupuncture can be very effective in reducing muscle spasms like sciatica.

As the number of low back pain and back pain cases are increasing day by day, doctors too are now referring acupuncture back pain treatment to their patients. However, like any other form of treatment, acupuncture low back pain therapy too does not produce the same results for all back pain patients even with similar conditions. Sometimes it seems that acupuncture relieves the back pain partially and is used as part of a pain management program.

Acupuncture treatment is the best form of natural treatment for patients with low back pain and back pain, who do not get adequate relief from traditional forms of treatment. For acupuncture back pain NYC patients, we suggest they ensure that the acupuncturist is highly experienced and licensed in New York.

If you or any family member are ever in need of my services just bring in the coupon on your first visit. There’s no obligation and no pressure to purchase a treatment. It’s just a way for you to come in and meet with us to see if acupuncture can help you. If for any reason I feel I can’t help you I will tell you on the spot and recommend another alternative.

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