Natural Headache Remedies

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Natural headache remedies are safer than prescription drugs that come with side effects and may cause damage to your liver. You can get headaches caused by poor eating habits, stress, or any number of conditions that we face in our daily living.It is worrisome if the headache persists or comes back very often. Headaches are caused by the pain to the nerve endings in the shoulders, scalp muscles and neck muscles. Migraine headaches are acute headaches that some people get, which are painful and last for a long period of time.

Follow some natural headache remedies to reduce your headache. Squeeze lemon juice into a cup of tea. This lemon tea is good for the headache. You can change your lifestyle a little. Start eating fruits and vegetables in plenty. Drink plenty of water as much as 8 to 10 glasses in a day.

Acupuncture for headaches is among the reliable migraine headache remedies. Your acupuncturist will use small needles to perform acupuncture in the back of your arm and neck. Acupuncture on the scalp is also a useful migraine headache remedy. The energy flow in the body is made proper through acupuncture and the headaches reduce or sometimes even vanish. A good massage can also do well to the migraine or the headache. A massage in the back, neck, shoulders, and head will help reduce the pain to some extent. The blood circulation improves and you feel better.

Sinus is congestion caused by a cold in the face and head area. Sinus can make you stressed, irritable, depressed, and causes headaches. Sinus headache remedies can be the result of use of a humidifier in the room where you are present. Use nasal drops made from saline water. You can inhale steam a few number of times. Stretching exercises for the head and neck can also help.

Eucalyptus oil can be very helpful and a gentle massage on the face with some of this eucalyptus oil can help. Use a few drops of the eucalyptus oil on the pillow before sleeping. Homeopathy and chiropractic are also helpful sinus headache remedies. Acupuncture of course will reduce the inflammation in the cavity caused during the sinuses. Warm soups and lemon containing vitamin C are good too. Ginger tea and sleep are recommended for the sinus headache.

Herbal headache relief by using willow bark is recommended for general headaches. This is because willow bark was originally used to make aspirin. For chronic headaches, the herbal headache relief is evening primrose. Evening primrose has a high amount of phenylalanine which helps to reduce pain. Peppermint and chamomile tea is excellent remedy for headaches. Peppermint is good for reducing migraines. Chamomile is to relax you from stress and tension. The tea made containing peppermint and chamomile is therapeutically good for your headaches.

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