Thermography Exam Evaluation Interpretation

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The digital thermography (CBT) test done by TAS labs is known for increasing the breast cancer rate of survival by 61%. TAS believes from experience that long-term breast cancer survival will be positively affected by the widespread use of thermography screenings – as long as the exams and test interpretations are carried out correctly. Many times these crucial factors are overlooked, or even ignored.

Our interpreters are highly trained TAS Thermographers and provide you with easy to understand reports WITHIN 24 HOURS. Click on this image to see a sample report.

Breast thermography exams follow strict guidelines for individual preparation and exam criteria, utilizing the highest standards for image capturing and interpretation. TAS provides the critical factors that contribute to the credibility of a successful practice of breast thermography.

TAS breast thermography interpretations are done on it’s proprietary computerized program which conforms to global standards, embodying clinical case studies of over 110,000 patients. TAS generates highly accurate, credible and objective interpretations. Their proprietary software developed to the “Gautherie” gold standard in breast thermography protocol, ensures the accuracy and objectivity of it’s interpretations. The interpretation methodology TAS employs takes into account more than 20 critical quantitative and qualitative thermopathological markers, in over 15 years of clinical studies encompassing over 110,000 symptomatic individual patients.

TAS Examination Protocol (CBT assessment protocol) has been embraced and adopted by the thermography community since it was initially introduced in 1982 by it’s founder. Today TAS’s underlying fundamentals and methodology remains the standard in accurate and trusted thermography interpretations.