What is Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Each person possesses faint electromagnetic oscillations in his body and they can be exploited to help cure disease. This idea was first applied and scientifically proven in 1977 by a German physician, Dr. Franz Morrell. The idea behind this procedure is that all matter possesses a specific resonant frequency; the cells in the body vibrate to a certain frequency, in the same manner as a tuning fork resonates to a specific frequency in the acoustic wave spectrum. An electromagnetic field made up of unique multiple frequency patterns is produced by the cells of an organ and its organ system through this process.

The human body, in normal physiological conditions, has relative synchronization or harmony of various oscillatory (frequency wave) processes. These processes are known to be disturbed when a pathological condition develops. This can manifest as a disruption of rhythms of basic physiological processes resulting in disease; as an example, pathological stress, which is long term excitation, can disturb the normal functioning of the Central Nervous System which in turn, can alter core/sub-core interactions.

Doctors who espouse the belief that certain electromagnetic fields can control cells also believe that inserting “healthy frequencies” to restore balance in the body can provide the body an environment where it can cure itself.

We can determine electromagnetic oscillations from the body through the Vega Test. The IMEDIS can help the body to get back its healthy function by reinforcing the natural resonances (oscillations) and/or canceling out pathological resonances.

Presently, two main forms of therapy are available. They include:

  • Endogenous BRT: In this procedure, a computer processes the patient’s electromagnetic oscillations. Exogenous BRT: This is method tries to tune the external

  • electro-magnetic signals with the electro-magnetic signals of the patient’s organs and organ system’s resonance.

Rayonex Bioresonance

Two centuries ago, it may be impossible to explain an airplane, the internet, or even a telephone to someone. Of course, today these things are now quite commonly used by most of the people in the modern world. In the realm of medicine, MRIs and X-Ray machines are used virtually throughout the world enabling doctors to literally view the inside of the body. Although we regularly use them, we may not be able to see with our own eyes, how things such as the microwave oven and the cell phone work. Bioresonance is a technique that modern medicine uses to both deliver and measure a person’s frequencies. Its effectiveness can be witnessed by thousands of patients and practitioners all over the world who have successfully used them.

Bioresonance therapy is a healing approach that gets you into the “groove of things.” It’s like being unaware that you’re “in synch” with the person next to you or listening to good music. But this therapy works on a deeper level, specifically influencing your cells in order to attain good health.

There are times when the body needs to prepare in order to resonate with healthy frequencies. Rayonex devices come with energetic preparation programs that include, but not limited to: vitalization, elimination of blockages (including, energy channels, electrosmog…), and the addressing of other cause related conditions such as bacteria and viruses.

What is Rayoscan?

A Rayocomp PS 1000 polar device comes with a technology known as the Rayoscan Module, a high quality ECG test system that has the ability to display specific outcomes such as when and how a patient is responding to the frequencies of Bioresonance stimuli. The outcomes rely on certain heart data and response to the stimuli leading to an exhaustive overview of the health of the patient and a prioritized plan of treatment.