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Client Reviews

Discover how our holistic healthcare solutions at VitalGate have transformed lives.
Read our patient testimonials to understand our unique, natural approach.

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I had a stroke, which left me paralyzed on my right side and I couldn’t speak. We started acupuncture and S.C.E.N.A.R. every day sessions with Galina on the third day after this incident. After 4 sessions I could speak and after 7 sessions I started walking step by step. When 20 sessions were done I was the same as before the stroke happened.

Galina saved me from surgery! I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I went to three doctors, one is the head of the oncology department at a renowned hospital in New York and they all recommended surgery with radiation follow up. I went to Galina, on a recommendation from a friend. She also suggested perhaps surgery was the way to go but she said she was willing to give it a go and treat me. Galina is intelligent, wise and direct with extensive knowledge and background of the most up-to-date methods of energetic healing and body-mind mechanics. We started with a total body evaluation. She gave me a strict diet to follow and homeopathic remedies to take. She treated me with a blend of acupuncture, bio-resonance therapy, induction therapy and encouraging advice to help me along. I saw Galina two times a week for four months. I have just been tested again and the results were negative, no cancer! I highly recommend Galina, you give 100% and she gives you 100% the result – healing.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer and doctors couldn’t decide how to treat me. My heart was weak and they said I want be able to undergo surgery or chemotherapy. The cancer was spread in the lungs and they could not do radiation. They told me that I might have 4 months to live and let me go. When I came to Galina, she did not give me the bright hope that I will be cured, she said:” Let’s work on it”. And we worked every day for three months doing acupuncture. At the end of third month I went to the doctor who told me to come back for check-up if still alive. Doctor did all the tests and was very surprised, he didn’t find cancer in my lungs, so he repeated the tests and didn’t find anything again. So he said that I probably didn’t have any cancer and it was a mistake. Sounds strange to me!




I had no luck getting pregnant. In three years I had 8 miscarriages. Thanks for Galina’s and Elena’s treatments I was able to conceive and carry to term two healthy babies.

I am 79 year old woman and I had heart disease since I was a child. At 77 I had high blood pressure, tachycardia and irregular heart beat which was not controlled by prescription medication given me by medical doctor. I had ambulance coming to my apartment once or twice a week for several years and stayed in a hospital up to seven times a year. Galina diagnosed me with her special machines and gave me homeopathic pills to take. She also gave me Bio-Resonance treatments. We do it regularly now – five times a year every day for one week. I was in the hospital only once in two years and had called an ambulance three or four times. It really works if it worked for me.

I had lung cancer surgery on my right side and was scheduled to have a second surgery on my left side two months after the first one. Before and after my first surgery Galina treated me every other day with acupuncture and S.C.E.N.A.R.. One month after surgery I went to see a doctor who was very surprised that my scar healed so well, and he got more surprised in one more month when I came to schedule my second surgery, cancer in my left lung was gone.




I initially came to Vital Gate for treatment for acid reflux, which I had suffered from for nearly 10 years and for which I was continually taking prescription medication. Through my treatments, I gradually improved and was able to steadily decrease my medication until I didn’t need to take it at all. In addition to treating my stomach disorders, I have benefited with more energy and overall body improvement. Both Galina and Elena act with assurance and confidence and their sessions are individually tailored to each patient’s specific ailment. I can only express my profound gratitude to Galina and Elena for their help and care.

I would like to write a wonderful write up for Galina and Elena both of whom I have used over the last 25 years.They are warm caring and most important will solve your issues from bad back pain to increasing your energy problems. I am absolutely perfect because of this team treating me and with my mother added 10 years to her life comfortable. Before you take any drugs give them a try and I hope you get the results that my friends I have had over the years. Thank you

She is warm and a wonderful practitioner. If it wasn't for her , I wouldn't have recovered so quickly from my chronic illness


Jeffrey Brooks



Our Whole Family over the last 18 years has been client's of Galina Semyonova! There aren't enough words to describe the gratitude all of us feel for Most amazing, Effective and Ernest Services we receive Each and Every time we see Galina! She is beyond knowledgeable and professional and has a Natural Gift for Healing! Just being around her you start feeling better already! Over the years This Wonderful healer Helped us use the most simple, Effective and Natural treatments! Love Her!!!

As a Holistic Biological Dentist in New York, with 30+ years of clinical practice, I have met many integrative practitioners and healers. What impressed me and my wife most about Galina, aside from her vast wealth of knowledge and experience in Energetic Medicine, was the confidence and compassion she immediately instilled in us from the first phone contact. We immediately felt welcome there. I had already been educated on the the benefits and advantages of energy medicine, specifically Microcurrent Frequency Therapy, but our first consultation visit was very informative and enlightening. It is obvious that Galina is passionate about her area of expertise, and this served to confirm that we were in the right place, with the right practitioner, and that help is on the way. The TimeWaver analysis went way beyond what conventional medical laboratory testing can provide, and immediately identified the many issues causing my wife's health challenges. Love it here! Will back with my sons!

Galina Semyonova of in NYC, who also is my next-door neighbor, used her Resonance Analysis machine- The Asyra Pro- three years ago to tell me I was anemic. A year later the doctors discovered she was correct. Two weeks ago the machine told me I had 3 infected teeth on my lower left side & two days later my dentist told me the same thing. I guess I could save money & time by seeing Galina first. Full Review -

Ekaterina Laci

Leonardo T. Fazio, DDS,

Ron Kapon

I came to VitalGate Health after injuring my shoulder when I was traveling out West. I thought it would get better on its own, but after over a month of waiting and not being able to sleep on my left side from being in pain, I decided to get it treated. After an hour session of scenar therapy, I couldn't believe how much better it felt. That night I had no problems sleeping on my side! Fast forward to today, I have no pain in my shoulder and I am confident that without Elena and Galina's help, it would still be a major problem for me. Thank you both so much!

Galina saved my tennis “career”. I play a lot of competitive club tennis and in my mid-40s, began to sustain back injuries which Galina always fixed with the absolute highest level of professional medical massage. During one club championship tournament I survived a Saturday match but injured my back that I couldn’t move at all. Problem – I had to play next day or forfeit. I asked Galina for a back-saving massage and she said – it cannot be given when the injury is acute – one must first take acupuncture. I fear needles and I had long avoided acupuncture – but my desperation to play next day led to my first acupuncture treatment, – IT WORKED! It released the muscle spasm. The next morning I got the massage and was on the court in the afternoon.

My Chiropractor/Sports Medicine Doctor said it would take 3 months of twice a week sessions to fix the “frozen shoulder I was suffering from daily. Ms. Semyonova used her S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapy on me and in one session, my frozen shoulder was gone (its 3 years later and I am still pain free)! My Chiropractor/Sports Medicine Doctor could not believe his eyes. Galina’s S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapy saved me a ton of money.




Hi Galina, I just call you to let you know how much relief I got just from one treatment you gave me. I was able to sleep well for the first time in a long time last night, and today my pain was like half way gone. Thank you very much.

After having three children I lost my menstrual period and treatments with OBGYN didn’t help to get it back. I also couldn’t get pregnant again. Me and my husband wanted to have another child and I asked Galina, who helped us with muscular problems before, if she will be able to help me to have a baby. We worked on it for about 5 months and I got pregnant all by myself with no IVF.

Working as a nurse with patients after surgery I had occasionally injured my lower back so badly that I could hardly walk. It took Galina two to three treatments to have me up and running.





I suffered from chronic Lyme Disease. After ten months on anti-biotics I was unable to rid my system of the symptoms through Galina’s bio-resonance diagnostics, a strict diet and homeopathic remedies. This allowed me to detoxify my system to the point where I no longer experienced the memory loss, stress and fatigue I had previously. Now, I feel not only healthy but confident, with Galina’s help in the future, I will be able to conquer any physical problems I might have.

I have worked with Galina for several years in the area of wellness and general health. She has a unique approach and comprehensive way of assessing the well being of each individual patient. She is first rate in every sense. After almost four years of seeing her, I feel like a new person.

The first time I met Galina, We met to talk about dogs – she was the corresponding secretary of the Moscow Flora & Fauna Dog Club, and I was an American dog lover. As I stood up (slowly) to leave the restaurant, she noticed I was bent at a 30° angle from my waist up. I just gotten off a 12 hour flight from New York and was stuck. It was only then that she reached into her purse and took out her business card, “Galina Semyonova, Master Masseuse of Kremlin.” This was the first I knew that in addition to our dog club duties, massage — perfected through 7 years at Moscow State University’s medical faculty — was her day job. And she offered to fix me. 20 minutes later I was dancing. It really blew my mind. Galina visited New York soon after, fussily bought the best massage table on earth, and never failed to fix me or any of many friends I referred to her over all these years – so no shock to me that Galina’s been named as the Best of New York in alternative medicine. Thanks, Doctor G!



Ken Schaffer

I’ve suffered lower back pain for years. I’ve tried dozens of different types of treatment in hopes of finding relief. But it wasn’t till I discovered the wonders of SCENAR that I began to feel hopeful. After just one treatment from Elena, the results were miraculous. The device helped my body do what it’s supposed to do – heal itself. I’d recommend to anyone the potent combination of Elena’s gentle skills, acupuncture and SCENAR for effective relief from chronic pain.

Galina is a expert practitioner of energy medicine who understands the importance of addressing health-related concerns in a thorough, holistic manner. She has a keen sense for understanding the needs of the human body, and can advise on both traditional and alternative therapies. She is easily one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I am convinced that she cares just as much about my health as I do!

Galina: You asked me to let you know if I feel different. I just finished a bike ride and feel different. The way I can describe it is that it felt like my heart had been in a cage that was impeding its ability to beat and now it feels free. When I first started feeling bad I had thought that I had a parasite from my trip to Haiti a few months earlier and it was messing with my pericardium. I’m guessing that it wasn’t a parasite but some bacteria and it made my pericardium sick. Your machine did its thing and addressed that bacteria. Thanks you’re wonderful.




The lazer and the Bentley are working. I woke up happy (my mom always said I was the happiest baby). I ordered a burger for breakfast and after eating ½. I’m full! Also I lost another 1.5 ibs. Only weird thing was I exhausted when I got home and then couldn’t sleep. Didn’t fall asleep until 330 and don’t feel tired or upset. Thank you!

You are a miracle worker as always I’m feeling so much better thank you so much i just wanted to let you know. Thank you.


Karen Ranucci

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