The Dramatic Benefits of Acupuncture For Infertility in New York.

How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant by As Much As 50%.

“After having three children I lost my menstrual period and treatments with OBGYN didn’t help to get it back.  I also couldn’t get pregnant again. Me and my husband  wanted to have another child and I asked Galina, who helped us with muscular problems before, if she will be able to help me to have a baby. We worked on it for about 5 months and I got pregnant all by myself with no IVF.”
Chistine– age 43

Infertility is a prime cause of concern among couples now-a-days. Late marriages, erratic work schedules, tremendous job stress are some of the factors which are causing female as well as male infertility. Acupuncture is one of the oldest and time tested ways to cure fertility problems in men and women. So, acupuncture and fertility today go hand in hand.

Acupuncture, which emerged from China, is a treatment by inserting needle points in specific areas of your body. Ancient Chinese medicine follows that human diseases or illness occur because of imbalance of Qi, (also called ch’i, chi) – which is the energy of our system. Balance in energy of our system can be restored through acupuncture. If you live in New Your City and are in search for a reliable acupuncture for fertility in NYC please read further..

Infertility in women can be due to physical deformities, age, wrong food habits and excessive tension. Out of these, acupuncture can directly treat physical deformities as well as age induced infertility problems. Women can suffer from blockage in fallopian tube which is a common deformity. An experienced New York acupuncture for fertility practitioner can help to remove this blockage and treat infertility.

“I had no luck getting pregnant. In three years I had 8 miscarriages. Thanks for Galina’s and Elena’s treatments I was able to conceive and carry to term two healthy babies.”
Ratchel– age 38

Today more are more women are trying to get pregnant by early to mid 30s. With ovum production gradually decreasing with age, often women face a problem getting pregnant after she crosses thirty. Acupuncture can aid in this case also. Proper placement of needles in areas linked to reproductive organs as well as ovary can stimulate hormone and egg production. If you live or are staying in New York and searching for a acupuncture fertility New York practitioner, at Vital Gate in NYC we can help you. Please read on…

Excess stress and tension hamper the smooth flow of body energy and bring in infertility to a woman. Acupuncture offers cure from the physical as well as mental perspective to a woman and help her to become pregnant. Infertile women can enjoy motherhood by following ivf acupuncture for fertility treatments.

Infertility is not limited to females only, males can also be victims of infertility. Lack of erection, premature ejaculation, bad semen quality, inadequate semen count during ejaculation – all these contribute and make a man infertile. As acupuncture treatment releases hormones and increases blood circulation, some of these problems can be resolved through this treatment.

Like other medical treatments, a patient should always take the following precautions while undergoing acupuncture-
1. Always go to an experienced NYC acupuncture practitioner, preferably someone who has treated infertility problems successfully. Speak with some of the patients that the practitioner has cured.
2. Do not undergo acupuncture during menstruation.
3. Acupuncture should always be done with sterilized and disposable needles.
4. Take adequate rest after the treatment.
5. If you are a resident of the Big Apple and looking for a acupuncture fertility New York consultant or a fertility acupuncture NYC practitioner, at vital Gate Acupuncture we can help you get pregnant.

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Discover how acupuncture for fertility can increase your chances of getting pregnant by as much as 50%.

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