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Vitalgate employs Theraphi’s electromagnetic (EM) technology for a variety of curative uses. EM may be used to:


  • treat wounds

  • increase circulation

  • lower cholesterol

  • strengthen the immune system

  • reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain

  • boost energy

  • promote cancer remission

  • slow the aging process

  • enhance cell differentiation

  • change “cell memory” to promote healing

  • potentially reverse inherited genetic conditions


Theraphi transmits 18 different healing frequencies, (based on phi ratio and hydrogen) causing a field to envelop the person and affect every cell of the body.  Global practitioners of Theraphi have taken “before” and “after” infra-red images of their patients to demonstrate the strong, anti-inflammatory results of sessions.  The treatment is painless, practical, safe, and treats a wide variety of conditions in a noninvasive, pleasant way.


The American Medical Association (AMA) considers electromagnetic therapy (EM) to be experimental, since to date no formal clinical trials have been conducted to measure its success. However, it has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments. Like many simple methods of preventative and curative medicine, EM has fallen in and out of fashion over the past 100 years—despite positive outcomes. 


Early practitioners, including Nikola Tesla, Royal Life, and Antoine Priore, had dramatic results, however, were scrutinized heavily in their lifetimes by traditional medical communities since curative effects defied explanation—at least by standard measures.  Once major funding is available, it is likely Theraphi will be used in concert with more traditional western medicine on a wider basis to treat a variety of maladies.


A major advantage of EM is that it’s nonsurgical and noninvasive and can be used to treat (or drastically reduce) cellular abnormalities, such as tumors, without surgery.  Electric pulses may change cell physiology—in particular, the permeability of the cell membrane, which kills the “bad” cells with no adverse effects on the healthy ones.


It also optimizes the balance of the millions of neurotransmitters throughout the body. Theraphi also promotes a calm, clear state of mind for the collective—and it can be used to treat more than one person at a time depending on its settings.


As chronic and degenerative diseases affect more people around the world, finding complimentary, innovative methods of healing which are low cost and free of side effects is imperative.  If you are interested in booking a Theraphi session, visit us here.

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