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What is the Difference Between Infrared Breast Thermography and Whole Body Thermography?

In our office we offer the most progressive thermography tests used by the best clinics in the World to determine the risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases.

How does it feel when during mammography screening your breasts are tightly squeezed between two cold plates through which radiation enters your body? With Infrared Breast Thermography there is no pain and it’s as safe as regular photography, so safe that you can do it hundreds of times a day with no damaging effect to your body.

Infrared Breast Thermography is a particularly good tool for small and dense breast tissue which many younger women have and, it is safe for women with breast implants. Furthermore, it assesses a larger area such as under the armpits and upper chest, areas that mammography cannot check.

Thermography can detect the possibility of breast cancer much earlier then mammography, because it can image the earlier stages of increased blood supply to cancer cells, which is a necessary step before they can grow into a detectable size tumor. Using Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT) you will learn about your circulation and heart function, strength of your immune system, health of your teeth and gums, lymphatic system, breast or prostate, stomach and intestines, body toxicity and ability to detox and adrenal stress level.

During your visit we will help you to choose the best healing or preventative strategy. Both scans are SAFE, NON-INVASIVE, PAINLESS and ACCURATE.

For more information about thermography at VitalGate Health in New York City, please call us at (212) 873-4244.

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