“If You’re Troubled By The DANGER of Radiation Exposure From Mammograms, Then You Ought To Know About SAFE and Painless Breast Thermography.”

Although breast cancer screening is critical in fighting breast cancer, alternatives to mammography are being sought. Burton Goldberg promotes the lack of risk and precision of the new breast thermography technologies.

Having the capacity to identify thermal signs consistent with thermal signs known to be correlated with cancer symptoms, thermography doesn’t necessitate x-rays, plus the breast doesn’t have to be squeezed in the process.

Also worthwhile, present thermography technologies are not affected by bulky breast tissue, and this means that there is less of a chance of getting a false positive outcome.

Breast thermography is Safe, Fast and Accurate, and there is no discomfort or pain from squeezing of the breast tissue. This technology is not affected by thick tissue like mammograms which are less effective with thick breast tissue.

The Benefits of Breast Thermography:

  1. Mammograms can detect tumors when they have reached 1 cm in size. It can take 7 to 10 years for a tumor to grow up to 1 cm. Thermography on the other hand, can help detect possible tumors in their very early stages because it measures the changes in the physiology of the breast.
  2. Detects heat and increased vascularity as the byproduct of biochemical reactions using safe infrared sensors.
  3. The heat is then compiled into a computerized image for analysis.
  4. No radiation
  5. Non-invasive
  6. Painless and harmless
  7. F.D.A. Approved
  8. Can be used as often as needed to track a problem and monitor the efficacy of treatment.
  9. Effective in monitoring breast health over a period of time.
  10. Detects physiologic changes in the breast.
  11. It is currently the best known method to help detect thermal signs consistent with breast cancer.
  12. The screening results increase suspicion. It does not diagnose cancer.
  13. Can detect the pathology of the breast up to 10 years before cancer is discovered by other methods.
  14. Can help detect aggressive fast growing tumors.
  15. In 70% of women, breast thermography gives the first indication that something is occurring.
  16. Breast thermography technology can help detect the highest known risk factor for the existence of or future growth of breast cancer tumors. This is ten times more meaningful than any family history of cancer.
  17. Only 10% of cancers are missed with breast thermography as opposed to 20% and 40% for mammograms.
  18. Thick breast tissue does not pose a problem with breast thermography technology.
  19. Only 10% false-positives as opposed to 25% false-positives for mammograms.
  20. Due to thermography’s ability to act as the earliest warning signal, further studies are needed to follow patients over a prolonged time period.
  21. Breast thermography can detect thermal signs consistent with thermal signs correlated with pre-cancerous and cancerous tumors as deep as the chest wall.

Galina Semyonova - New York

Galina Semyonova has over 30 years experience in Alternative Medicine.

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