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TimeWaver is a diagnostic and therapeutic tool using different modules to find psychological and somatic information to offer curative therapy for body and mind.  This state-of-the-art technology finds ailments and conditions and provides each patient a personalized, specific blue print for healing to restore health, wellness, and vitality in real time. Developed in Germany by Marcus Schmieke, today TimeWaver is used by over 1,500 practitioners around the world.


The technology uses complex analysis to reveal the related facets of an individual affecting their overall cellular health.  In addition, TimeWaver offers curative, vibrational patterns to correct the imbalances found between the Information Field and the patient.  Each organ in the body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which, while unseen, can be measured.  When the voltage of cell membranes is off, this causes nearly all illnesses.


TimeWaver improves cellular function by balancing the voltage of each cell’s membrane.  The organ coherence module analyzes the quality of energy of each organ in TimeWaver’s Information Field by comparing the client’s energy field against stored data. This allows VitalGate see the differential, i.e., where over regulation or under regulation is present.


The goal is balance, restoration, and optimal function at the cellular level.


What makes TimeWaver unlike any other therapeutic device is twofold: 1) balancing of unseen influences, and 2) the analysis itself.  The whole person is not only measured and diagnosed but treated—energetic flow, seen and unseen, is restored. In addition to the physical, the psyche, including imbalanced personality traits, may be revealed and treated.  Low intensity currents and precise frequencies offer curative, cellular correction for a range of maladies from depression and anxiety to pain, diseases, addiction, cardiovascular ailments, and more.

Within TimeWaver resides 150,000+ frequency databases to treat over a thousand conditions. Special modules measure and match the appropriate frequency for the patient. 

Can I do this from home? YES - HOW?

The goal is balance, restoration, and optimal function at the cellular level.

TimeWaver treats and analyzes a range of conditions including:

  • Chronic illness

  • Auto immune diseases

  • Cellular abnormalities

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Learning issues

  • Blood flow irregularities

  • Digestive ailments

  • Degenerative ailments

  • Headaches and chronic pain

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Skin disorders



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