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'I am not my feelings - I have feelings.

I am not my thoughts - I have thoughts"

This discovery that behind the physical body is something else which is free from involvement is a huge step and one of the most liberating realizations.


This awakening is possible once the process of thinking has been transcended and the problem is not personal issue anymore but a simple process of evolution.


"I am not my body but have one" would describe a person that has realized that no matter what happens to the body that yourself or the soul is not affected. To the contrary, the spiritual body has a physical experience in order to resolve some of this stored believes that bind the person to this reality.


tTe detachment that this awakening brings allows the patient to look out from an outside perspective at three problems. This is how we see other people and their self-inflicted problems.


In the truly heal program we use a different method which we call equalibrating. This process is a very simple and can be used in any given situation it's fast and extremely effective and best of all it works all the time. The second benefit of the Truly Heal be calibration process is that you achieve a lasting effect. Every time you at Albright a believe it's gone for good. There might be layers that need repeated sessions but overtime they all disappear.

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