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A new stage in the development of "fateology"


In 1997 (founded), science entered a new stage of development. Namely: medicine began to consider treatment and its methods as a change of destiny. This year can be considered the birth of medical chronosemantics. Later, after about a decade, the development was developed, which linked the patient's disease with the non-optimal nature of his fate. It could be treated by optimization. Today, specialists have created systems and methods that can track work with destiny in the non-medical part of it. Since 2011, regularly held seminars on fateology.

What exactly does chronosemantics do?

Karen Mkhitaryan, whose photo you see in the article, they say that they can straighten out their health, change their character, and, most importantly, correct their destiny. If you have not forgotten, he is cybernetics, and this science believes that any system without feedback, alone, is incapable of self-improvement and self-development. According to Karen Mkhitaryan, a person is also capable of this. In other words, if you see the line of destiny suddenly breaks off when you look at the palm of your hand, then if you cut through somehow its continuation, life can be extended.

How it works?

After you find on your palm those points and lines that give negative predictions or characteristics, they will need to remove the electromagnetic signal, and then change its phase to the opposite. After this, the 180-degree signal must be fed to the starting point. They say that after that the voice of fate "takes its words back." That is, under the influence of electromagnetic oscillations, events that are bad for a person will change to good ones. More details about this can be found in the book "Karen Mkhitaryan: Destiny." Reviews about it are pretty positive.

However, there are people who claim that this isonly coincidences, and wonder how in general the lines on the hand can be connected with the events that occur with the person. However, Karen Norayrovich refers to criticism normally. He just smiles, because he knows that as soon as these skeptics come to see him, they will immediately believe in his teaching. And then they will know who Karen Mkhitaryan really is. Reviews in this case are more positive than negative. To believe or not is everyone's business. However, if a person thinks about changing his destiny, then this is the first step to improve it. Worst of all, when a man complains of sorrow and does nothing to improve his life.


Who benefits from chronosemantics?

Of course, most often to a scientist for help people come with "incurable" diseases, when the medicine is washing hands, and the person remains with his problem. And then, after learning about the miracle doctor, the fate of the fate, they turn to him for help. According to clients' reviews, the doctor has already managed to cure diseases such as psoriasis, neuroses, etc.


Karen Mkhitaryan - Founder (2011)

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