Medical massage deals with the comprehensive massaging of the soft tissues of the body. These include the muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons. Medical massage benefits those soft tissues by promoting a balanced state of health, and generating therapeutic effects on the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, energy, and muscular systems. 

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AMMA Therapy

Created and developed by Korean born Tina Sohn, Amma Therapy is a sophisticated and finely tuned system of body work. This treatment makes use of methods and treatment approaches that integrates traditional Asian medical principles into conventional Western treatment approach to dysfunctions related to the vital organs in order to analyze and study the general imbalances within the energetic system. 


AMMA makes use of a wide assortment of techniques, which may be similar to some important kinds of therapeutic massage and new and powerful pressure points that Tina Sohn herself discovered. Amma therapy has shown to be an extremely helpful mode of healing that can be used to address a wide range of medical problems.

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HARA Therapy

Developed in Kotohira, Japan by Naoichi Kuzome, Hara Shiatsu is a type of bodywork therapy that uses very effective and straightforward diagnostics and treatments. This approach can be done for home treatment or used in clinical settings. Diagnosing abdominal issues is done in an attempt to evaluate the weakness, looseness, lumps, tightness, hardness, and sensations and reactions that move with pressure. The treatments strongly encourage the participation of the patient for his/her own healing process.


Hara Shiatsu practitioners teach their patients to use their own skills to help them treat themselves. Clinical visits may not be necessary since a lot of health problems can be solved at home simply by combining breathing exercises with moxa treatment. This means that with this type of treatment, financial costs associated with chronic conditions can be minimized. 


Mr. Kuzome says that he treats every condition from knee pain to toothaches through the abdomen, and he emphasizes that the involvement of the patient and home treatments are very crucial in realizing full healing.