Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is a passive aerobic exercise device, developed and first manufactured in Japan by Skylite Industry company president and engineer, Keiichi Ohashi, in 1988. The Chi Machine was granted a patent by the Japanese Patent Office December 18, 1990. The machine was originally known as Sun Harmony and later changed to Sun Ancon.

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In 1927, Katsuzo Nishi created 'The Nishi Health System', a series of six exercises, one of which (kingyō undō) was the basis for the motion of the modern day Chi Machine. This specific exercise of the body was adopted in the martial art of Akido and known as "goldfish exercise".

The concept for the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine device came from Japanese scientist Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association, who studied the effects of oxygenation of the body for 38 years and believed that lack of oxygen in the body is a primary cause of disease.

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