What Are The 3 Treasures of Chinese Medicine?

Three Treasures and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For 5,000 years the Chinese have observed the human condition and how it relates to nature. The concepts now known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), folklore and the famed herbs used by the Chinese practitioner have often formed the basis for modern drugs. Today there is a resurgence of TCM and its reliance on nature to restore and maintain balance and optimum health.

Three Treasures as Jing, Shen and Qi. are important substances that are believed to nourish all levels of our being.

is the essence inherited from parents which, in many respects, helps define our basic constitution. It is often referred to as the equivalent of DNA in Western Medicine. Children born of healthy parents are said to have strong essence of Jing. This constitutional blueprint is stored in the kidney.

or Spirit resides in the heart and brain, the organs most connected with heaven.The Heart is named Emperor of the body. A healthy, vibrant person is described as having good Shen. Shen is often reflected in shining and twinkling eyes.

(pronounced chee) translates as vital energy or life force: energy that, when free flowing and unrestricted, reflects as a body full of health. This energy flows through pathways called meridians, a concept that has become well known in the West.
TCM also recognizes two essential fluid systems of the body: Xue (Blood) and Jin Ye (Saliva, Synovial fluid and mucus). The Chinese model of Blood view it as a fluid that is not only confined to the blood vessels, but also runs through the meridians or energy channels of the body.

Yin and Yang all elements of the body and of nature itself are viewed through the eyes of the Chinese practitioner in relationship to yin and yang. This dual, yet complementary, phenomena describes a constant ebb and flow from the “dark” to the “light” (yang, meaning bright side of the mountain and yin meaning the dark side). It conveys the reality of nature observed through the centuries. It endorses balance and harmony in every aspect of our lives. With the observations meticulously recorded by Chinese practitioners throughout the centuries, the concept of yin and yang also provides us with powerful diagnostic tools to help us understand disease processes and make choices that will restore and maintain health and vitality.