230 W 79th St, #41N
New York, NY 10024

TEL: (212) 873-4244



Opening Hours:

MON - FRI:  8am - 7pm 

SAT: 10am - 4pm ​

SUN: Closed

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Why VitalGate Health?

VitalGate Health was established in 1990 as an alternative cancer treatment support center and complementary clinic to increase the awareness of alternative treatment options in New York.  The clinic is led by globally trained, experienced practitioners who are dedicated to educating and helping all patients with their wellness and needs. VitalGate Health uses cutting-edge technologies and equipment to treat its patients and is widely known in New York to be forefront of utilizing technology-driven treatment methods.

Our Vision

To facilitate the healing of mind and body through holistic health, therapeutic services, education and patient centered care.

Our Mission

To partner with our patients by providing compassionate and responsible care in their healing journey.  We strive to provide accessible, affordable and professional care to as many people as possible.

Our Values
  • Commitment to highest moral character

  • Genuine care for well being of every person

  • Determination to exceed expectations