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Visit Us in Naples, Florida


We have offices located in Naples, FL where you can get in-person services from all the equipment we have available – the most comprehensive in the world. We offer a wide-range of services in our offices for you to choose from.

Book an appointment to visit Vitalgate in New York
Book a private session to visit Vitalgate in New York

Book Us for a Private Session at Your Home

Our private in-home sessions allow us to come to you, ensuring you’re able to relax in your home environment and go about your day while we optimize your health. 


Our VIP sessions are only available after booking a call as not all treatment methods/machines can be transported.

Bring Us to Your Event or Your City

From holistic health to frequency healing to  biohacking - we would love to bring the innovative treatments and devices we have to your audience.

If you have an event or a group that is interested in bioresonance and the other forms of health optimization, fill out the form below and we can hop on a call to bring more healing to the world.

Dr. Galina Semyonova speaking at an event
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