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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine

Functional medicine is an approach that uses a simple test to pinpoint where something is not functioning in the body's metabolism.

This information will help you pinpoint exactly what supplements you really need. Rather than guessing and never knowing if your supplement really helps, use functional medical (medicine) tests to assess your progress and plan your diet and supplements for optimal health.

With a test we can evaluate:

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Pain Syndromes, including Migraines

  • Hormone Balance for Women and Men

  • Heart Health

  • Fertility

  • Stress Factors

  • Sleep Problems

  • Nutritional Status

  • Weight Management

  • and more

Nutrition & Supplementation

Our health depends on what we eat and how. We were all there, but how do you know which approach is right for you in the midst of trends and trendy diets? If so, what supplements do you need? How do you know if they work?

Based on your health concerns and personal goals, we will work to identify which foods, dietary practices and supplements will be most effective for you.

Using a personalized approach, we work together to find a nutritional plan that works best for you and meets your goals, whether it is weight loss, fitness, fertility, cognitive health, improved quality of sleep, hormone balance, or any other goal.

Chat with us using the Contact Us floating window and see what you need to get started to help you with your condition.

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