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How can SCENAR Therapy support the healing process?

The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, disease, or toxicity. The SCENAR catalyses the process to produce regulatory peptides through the stimulation of C-fibers for the body to use as where necessary. It is these neuropeptides that in turn reestablish the body’s natural physiological state and are responsible for the healing process.

As these peptides last up to several hours, the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over. The large quantity of neuropeptides and C-fibers in the Central Nervous System can also result in the treatment on one area aiding other chemical imbalances to correct sleeplessness, appetite, and behavioral problems. In Russia, there are over 50,000 cases of the device’s use, and some 700 practitioners currently use the device as their principal treatment instrument.

A vast wealth of information is available from research papers, clinical reports, and training manuals. The device is used on most types of disease or injury: circulatory, sensory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, musculo-skeletal, gastro-intestinal, endocrine, immune, and psychological disorders.


The SCENAR is also credited with vastly reducing recovery times. Russian athletes have been known not only to compete after serious injuries, but even to break world-records. In accident and emergency wards, its ability to aid recovery is used to help victims of cardiac arrest, massive trauma, and coma.

It has recently been discovered to also aid in improving learning ability, memory, sexual function, and physical health. Finally trials in Russia have also realized SCENAR’s usage for pain relief. Both cancer and fracture patients have found more pain relief from the release of the body’s natural opiates after SCENAR treatment than from administered chemical opiates.

SCENAR can be used as stand-alone treatment or in harmony with other methods. The RITM profscenar is only to be used by scenar-trained medical professionals.

Each patient is offered a computer express-diagnosis with a “RISTA-EPD” computer diagnostic set, which includes three diagnostic programs: “Nakatani”, “Auricle”, and “R.Woll”.

Recent developments in this program now make it possible to obtain a read-out that gives information about general zones and information about the internal organs based on the assessment of the zones of the vegetative nervous system enervation. This complex will help to diagnose the beginning of diseases at the functional disorders state, to localize zones on the skin surface to prevent the development of pathology with the use of transdermic therapy, to get objective information about the state of the patient, and to control the achievement of treatment and rehabilitation aims objectively.

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