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How to Use BioCleanse® to Detoxify the Body

The BioCleanse® unit can rebalance energy meridians through the bio-charge. The complex energy fields of the unit permeate the water, realigning a body’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the unit can be attributed to the “rebalancing” of these energy lines allowing a body mass to function better.

This action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste products kept and/or generated within the cells and surrounding membrane. Following the purge, there is a re-correction of any abnormal deterioration within the body that has been caused by illness, injury, viral, and/or any other life experience, excluding birth defects.

The BioCleanse® System is currently the only method for creating a bio-charge that is both safe and compatible with living matter. Water is the obvious medium used because up to 80% of the human body is water, as is two-thirds of the planet. Water is an active substance, so when water comes into contact with something, the frequency of what it contacts is integrated into its own frequency structure and thus becomes its signature. When you immerse a body mass into water, the frequency is instantly added to the water as a “memory.”

The water actually interacts with a compound electric current and a compatible magnetic field structure to produce the needed bio-charge. Now exclusively utilizing the additional element of Tri Vortex Charger Technology, you will witness the stunning cleansing process before your own eyes.

This process can simply be described as “sweating” in water. The unit is self-contained and is used during bathing to re-align, balance, and enhance the bio-energy that is stored within the body and utilized by our cells.

What to Expect from a Session?

​Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well-being from each Bio-Cleanse® Technologies session,

Why does the color of the water change?

​Once a person’s feet are in the water, this action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste products kept and/or generated within the cells and surrounding membrane and will accelerate and deepen the coloring of the water.

The color of the water will vary from treatment to treatment due to an individual’s toxicity levels. As toxins in the body are released at the cell level and “sweat out” through the skin, they react with metals on the water module and the water itself.

The water will change color regardless of whether there is a person in the footbath or not. This is due to the metallurgic reaction of the water module and also the polarization of solids and minerals within the water. Nevertheless, usually, there are two to three times the toxic debris in the water when the treatment is used with an actual person.

Client undergoing BioCleanse®

Client undergoing BioCleanse®

Colors and Objects in the Water

The toxic substances pulled from the body will form a sticky ring that must be removed with a detergent. Through many tests, we have found that the residue in the bucket is easily rinsed off if the unit operates without feet in the bucket. In addition, the residue produced while a person’s feet are bathed has been found to stick to the bucket and cling to the array.

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The bucket will then require some type of scouring powder or soap in order to be thoroughly cleaned. Based on EAV (Electro Acupuncture by Voll) testing, the following table shows what we believe the colors in the water to represent.

What makes the Bio-Cleanse® Technologies System different from other “copycat” products?

One of the differences the Bio-Cleanse® Technologies System offers is the Tri-Vortex Charger. This original discovery (Quantum Disk) found that through the development of the Table, the compounds and elements duplicate and magnify the element of oxygen. This process has the capability to lower the viscosity of water. The energy field created by the Tri-Vortex actually makes water “wetter” and easier to program. This has been proven by testing the hardness using the Dynes Scale. Tests show a drop in structural tension from 132 dines to 58 dines. It is our opinion that “wetter water” creates a superior medium for the energy transfer created with our Bio-Cleanse System.

How does my body detoxify in the water?

Detoxification occurs through the skin. After the lungs, the skin is the second largest area of detoxification of the body. Water is a superior medium used because up to 80% of the human body is water, and the energy transfer between like substances is efficient and effective. In the energy field created by the Bio-Cleanse® Technologies System, a massive negative ion field is created in the water. These negative ions are easily absorbed by the body. Studies show negative ions neutralize free radicals. Also, negative ions have been implicated in the rejuvenation of cells in regards to their ability to “energize” OR “charge” individual cells allowing cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. When the toxic load is lessened through this process, the body's system will be better equipped to protect itself from further toxins, viruses, and pollutants.

What is the function of the Water Module?

The Water Module is the conductive transfer unit of the direct current into the water, which generates the ionic field and therefore transfers the energy into the body.

What are the bubbles coming from the Water Module?

The bubbles coming from the Water Module are the actual separation of the hydrogen and oxygen in the water as the ionic field is being created.

Can I touch the Water Module during treatments?

You may touch the Water Module without harming yourself or altering the treatment. The less disruption while your feet remain in the footbath will produce an enhanced view of the toxins released from the body as they float on the surface.

​This will not alter the treatment in any way; however, remaining relatively still will enhance the viewing of the toxins being emitted from the body as they float to the top of the water bath.


  1. Remove all jewelry prior to a footbath

  2. Do not wear a watch while doing a footbath

  3. Do not talk on a cell phone while doing a footbath

  4. Do not use a computer while doing a footbath

  5. Medications and Prescription Drugs – consult your physician prior to use

  6. Can be used for those who have metal plates in their bodies

Not Recommended for:

  • Children under the age of five

  • Pregnant or lactating women

  • People with pacemakers or electrical implants

  • People with transplanted organs

​Frequency and Time Usage of Treatments

Ages 1 to 5 *** Not recommended for children under the age of 5***

Ages 10 to 65 Every other day for 14 days, wait 1 month, and then repeat the cycle.

Ages 65 plus Every third day for 14 days, wait 1 month and then repeat the cycle.

*Daily treatments are not recommended to avoid possible excessive fatigue as a result of excessive or rapid detox


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