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What is Bioresonance?

"According to Paul Schmidt"

Bioresonance is best explained using an example from nature. The oldest kind of biological resonance is sunlight. When sunlight touches our skin a variety of biochemical processes are triggered, not by heat but by ultraviolet rays. These UV rays encourage the generation of pigments in our skin, causing it to darken and appear tanned. Another similar process produces Vitamin D.

Sunlight contains only a narrow band of frequencies, but a much wider range of frequencies exist and can trigger many other regulatory processes. Our founder, Paul Schmidt, realized this in 1976 and established the exogenous Bioresonance treatment which bears his name today. His method especially emphasizes the elimination of negative health influences like geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, unhealthy diet, acid-alkaline imbalance, etc.

In Germany alone, more than 5500 naturopaths and doctors regularly apply Paul Schmidt's Bioresonance treatments. This breakthrough is enabled by Rayonex's professional device, the Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar.

Case Reports

Nothing is more fascinating than a variety of successful case reports from many different therapists. It is very gratifying that the homeopathic practitioner (HP) Michael Petersen has taken up this subject himself has a non-medical practitioner, successful user of the Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, author of books and of course a member of the association for the promotion of vibration medicine. On his homepage:, in just a few months he has already collected and published over 100 case reports.

To each report was a general progress report written for the public and a therapists’ report, which describes the process in the therapy. The particular therapists' report (protected area) are available on the web page of DocCheck via a password or via the member password of the Association for the promotion of oscillation medicine. You may receive the member password directly from the office of the Association for the promotion of oscillation medicine, Ms. Plaßmann, Tel.: 0700 / 87 24 94 64 E-Mail: If you are not yet a member, you may apply for membership for the amount of 52,00€ per year, directly with Ms. Plaßmann.

Important Note regarding the Homepage of HP Michael Petersen:

All information in the case reports refer to the energetic approach and must not be confused with the conventional medical point of view. Bioresonance falls within the domain of empirical medicine. Traditional orthodox medicine does not currently accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations.

Therefore, the correlations described go sometimes far beyond the current state of science. These pages are for your information and inspiration only. They are not a substitute for a doctor or naturopath in case of a specific illness. The specialist reports are meant for orientation and learning purposes. They are not suitable as therapy recommendations for other cases. This also applies to similar cases. It always depends on the individual circumstances of each case.

The specialist reports are therefore no substitute for a specific individual examination and treatment of each patient. The reports are mere reproductions of experiences that individual users had in individual cases. In no way can effectiveness claims be associated herewith. Nor should the impression be created that these experiences can basically be applied in all cases. There are no promised cures associated either. This would also not be permissible in terms of law and order.



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