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What is ST-8 for Detoxification?

The ST-8 is the first detoxification system in the world that feeds oxygen to body tissues facilitating the restoration of optimal functionality of the lymphatic system and boosting its capacity to heal wound injury and to reduce pain resulting in outstanding healing potentials.

The Trademark, The Design of ST-8

No two human bodies are alike. Each of us has a body that is unique, with a unique set of cells, each cell having its own energy signature. Your electromagnetic signature is your blueprint – it is unique and different from the rest of humanity.

This electromagnetic signature is what the body uses for control – an internal control that influences the body, mind, and our well-being. Researchers have discovered that our cells have their own natural polarity, and when this polarity is in equilibrium, this restores our blueprint to a state of optimal health and overall wellness.

Being the first detoxification system in the world that feeds oxygen to body tissues, the ST-8 utilizes energy to convert pure oxygen into super-saturated oxygen. The helps reenergize the cells reactivating the natural energy processes of the body.

The ST-8 is safe to use. It is non-invasive and does not cause damage to the cells. It guarantees that no healing crisis will arise due to its unfailing transport of oxygen-saturated molecule to the area of lymph flow stagnation. A combination of scalar technology and super-oxygenated oxygen leads to extremely efficient healing possibilities reanimating the blueprint of the body.

Our uniqueness can be partly due to the unique combination of cells each of us possesses and this combination has its own electromagnetic signature which essentially is our body’s own unique blueprint.

The Benefits of ST-8

Our body is often exposed to toxic elements in the water, food, and air we breathe. Proteins bind together and bond electrically with water causing havoc to our lymphatic system which becomes overworked and unbalanced. This leads to inflammation and pain that in turn, can potentially lead to different forms of chronic degenerative disease.

The ST-8 can be used as a complementary treatment to help facilitate and/or preserve wellness. It helps restore the natural energy levels of cells and promotes efficient communication between cells to move bundled or clumped cells which might have stagnated and disrupt the function of the lymphatic system that may lead to various chronic health problems. The ST-8:

  • Applies certain frequencies believed to disrupt the energetic pattern of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and fungi). This reduces their growth in stagnating cells

  • Assists in the detoxification of steroids that bind to proteins and mimic hormones and other unnatural additives in our food from the interstitial space

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage — ST-8 can speed up the extraction of waste material inside the cells. This leads to an efficient transport of waste products to the organs that control body waste disposal

  • Restores movement to lymph pathways that otherwise might have become stagnant. This strengthens the immune system making the body more resilient to disease

  • Avails of the SpectraSweep technology, which complements the electromagnetic field bringing the body to a state of calm and tranquility, a feeling that can be experienced even during the first use

  • Infuses super-saturated oxygen into organs and tissues providing outstanding healing possibilities

Detoxification via the lymphatic system boosts the healing processes of the body by restoring the healthy flow of lymph substances throughout the body. The ST-8 reinforces the function of the lymphatic system resulting in a toxic-less environment and resolving issues related to deficiencies in long-term health and beauty.

How does the ST-8 work?

The ST-8 is a top-of-the-line technological innovation created from LBG technology. It uses two LBG heads (besides two other specially designed ST-8 heads) that send out electric signals to activate a patented mixture of noble gases to create a photon. Then, a scalar moment is produced in both the ST-8 and LBG heads. The ST-8 is able to convert pure oxygen into energetic oxygen that’s super-saturated pumped into the cells of the body through scalar energy and the fusion of coupled photons. This process allows for maximal penetration of the energetic oxygen that’s super-saturated into the organs and tissues.

The super-saturated oxygen is transported at an energetic level into the field, matching the body’s electrical resistance that makes its full use possible by the tissues and organs. This generates a feeling of wellness in the energy of the body as well as the following events: each head of the ST-8 produces a vortex spin that opens up an energetic packet, that structurally restores damaged free radicals to their original, healthy functioning state. The super-saturated oxygen’s signature pattern creates highly reactive energy that interacts with the energy of the body at all levels to bring back a state of wellness to the body.

SpectraSweep is a breakthrough technology that generates a harmonic sweep of frequencies facilitating the communication between cells in the body. The energy released influences the electrical signals of the cells that help restore balance to the electromagnetic signature’s natural polarity of the body.

Who should use the ST8?

The ST-8 can be used by anyone although the people likely to derive the most benefit from it are those who require relief from condition related to a weak deficient lymphatic system: pain, swelling, edema, and inflammation.

The people and institutions that can integrate the ST-8 into their practice are:

  • Practitioners: Surgeons (Dental and Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons), Medical Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors, Osteopathic Medicine Physicians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Veterinarians, Acupuncturists, Sports Trainers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Colon Hydrotherapists. These professionals can use the ST-8 as a complementary therapy for their patients.

  • Health Spas: The ST-8 goes well for clients for who are interested in health and wellness restoration and in lymphatic detoxification. Spas can offer the ST-8 as an add-on treatment.

  • ​Sports Teams: The ST-8 is designed for people who are constantly under extreme emotional, mental, and physical stress. Sports teams at the amateur, Olympic, and professional levels having the ST-8 have the advantage of having players that are always healthy and always ready to compete.

  • ​Home Users: The ST-8 can be used at home and is ideal for ordinary people who want to experience added relief in between visits to their practitioner or healthcare provider. It can be a very helpful and extra means of relief for chronic sufferers and frequent users.


Is the feeling of tingling or pain normal during a treatment?

When the lymph fluids have stagnated or become blocked, it is normal for some people to feel some tingling or even slight pain or tenderness in the affected region when the fluids start to move again. You may sense some tingling in the area of stagnation or in other body parts where blockage has occurred. More often than not, an obstruction that has developed in the thoracic duct and sternum and especially within the parasternal node area can cause this mild pain or tingling sensation.

When palpation indicates a buildup of fluid or severe metabolic stagnation on the sternum and the client may sense slight to moderate pain or additional pressure on the parasternal channel in the flow of fluids, you many need to move one of the heads to the site of discomfort and allow time for the pain to heal itself. Within half a minute the discomfort should vanish – during this time, you can resume with your original course of treatment.

For a client with severe edema or one presenting prior surgical intervention, for them, the best approach is to lessen the duration of the session. It’s advisable not to add to the length of the normal protocol until the client is easily able to process the releasing material. You may have to wait after the first or succeeding sessions for that to happen.

Is skipping the days of treatment required every now and then?

When it becomes necessary to move large amounts of material, you may give the body a few days’ time to allow it to process the material. This may be necessary because the vessel that the body uses to process fluid has the size of a soda straw. And if the lymphatic system is weak, this vessel tends to contract making it even narrower and thus more time is needed for the fluid to flow through the body. Moreover, when you use the ST-8 every day for a month, the body can become less sensitive to the effect of the photon.

Is the ST-8 and LBG safe to use on children?

Yes. In fact, the children respond to these modalities faster than adults do. Children, excluding teens, have a treatment session that’s much shorter than adults because basically, the toxin buildup in their body is considerably much less than in an adult’s body.

What effects do the photons have on the body tissue?

​The premise that protein interactions are mainly electrical underlies the use of electrical units in lymphatic therapies. Amino acids bond electrically forming chains. These chains organize and protein folding is used to identify a protein molecule. The folding or structure that the bonding mechanism identifies is essentially electric and based on the attraction of opposite polarities.

Protein structures are properly balanced or aligned in strong healthy tissues. This is clearly seen in connective tissue that keeps the body together where the collagen fibers have a strong stable alignment. However, when cells are damaged or die, these structures can become imbalanced.

When the lymphatic system is unable to fully expel waste proteins, health conditions can arise in the body. Though waste proteins possess similar electrical properties of attraction, they have random structures when they organize. This is known as fibrotic condition of the interstitium (the area between each living cell in connective tissue).

The waste or non-functional proteins are unstable causing them to attract and hold water through electrical bonding. This water retention is known as edema. The ST-8 and LBG help the body segregate non-functional proteins by shooting a flood of photons in the body that’s compatible with the random structure of these non-functional proteins causing the proteins to release the water they were retaining. The photons do not affect these healthy tissue protein structures since they do not attract water.

Contraindications to the Use of LBG and/or ST-8

The ST-8 and LBG, just like with any manually used or externally applied equipment, come with certain contraindications.

They include:

  • People with a history of EPILEPSY – They can have moments that might potentially lead to a seizure

  • PREGNANT WOMEN – The use of LBG or ST-8 may induce premature delivery

  • People suffering from THROMBOSIS – The manual therapy may lead to a removal of a clot that might result in a medical complication

  • People with ELECTRICAL IMPLANTS or PACEMAKERS – The LBG or ST-8 can cause a disturbance in power source or mechanism of these gadgets that could cause them to dangerously malfunction or stop

  • People suffering from LBG or ST-8 Hyperactivity (do not apply treatment over thyroid); Asthma (avoid using the machines during asthma attacks); although no harm will come from it, stomach treatment during menses can increase the menses.

What kinds of people use the LBG and ST-8 units?

​Survey reveals that an estimated 50 percent of those using LBG and ST-8 are Health practitioners including Physical Therapists, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Sports Trainers, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Colon therapists, Massage, Therapists, and Body Workers. Thirty percent are individual users while 20 percent are Medical Practitioners including Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, and Surgeons.


Who needs the LBG or ST-8?

​Potentially all of us, there are various ways lymphatic dysfunction can manifest in the body. They can manifest as:

  • Enlargement of the prostate

  • Breast problems such as Mastodynia (breast tension in women post ovulation)

  • Injuries and pain

  • Chronic inflammatory conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and headaches

  • Tissue congestion related to injuries

  • Acne (a slight exacerbation may happen initially)

  • Chronic injuries

  • Scars

  • Eczema

  • Cellulite

  • Burns

  • Heavy, swollen, and tired legs

Lymphatic inflammatory dysfunction have been associated with all of these conditions in varying degrees and sufferers can benefit when the randomly structured protein clusters are disassociated from the body resulting in the restoration of healthy lymphatic circulation.

When was the first unit used?

​It’s been over 26 years since ST-8 and LBG were first utilized in clinical settings to facilitate the circulation of lymphatic substances. Today, these units are being used by almost a thousand practitioners worldwide in a dozen countries.

Are they safe to use?

Over two and a half decades have passed since these units were first used and so far, there have never been any report of any adverse reaction attributed to the use of these units.

The units are enclosed in a water-proof, portable, solid, carrying case. They are equipped with fuse protection in case of current overload besides the external auto shut-off features. They run on 110 Voltage, 60 Hertz (can be converted to 220 Volts, 50 HZ) and both machines consume a mere ½ Amp of power. The units transform AC (alternating current) power to DC (direct current) power with FM modulation.

Has the FDA approved the use of ST-8 and LBG?

​Both units are involved with lymph circulation and lymph stasis and help in the relief of symptoms which do not fall under any medical classification for submittal to the FDA.

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