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SCENAR: A Space Age Healing Therapy, So Revolutionary You May Not Believe It Until You Experience It!

No, this is not a script for a Star Trek episode. What you are about to read is real. It is real scientific medical technology about a non-invasive alternative healing therapy developed by the Russian space program that almost sounds too good to be true. 

70% of nerves in your body are C-fibres. Much smaller than other nerves, they are found in every part of the body. They carry sensory information from the periphery to the brain and produce neuropeptides.

SCENAR technology is unique because it interacts with the body’s own healing mechanisms, communicating directly with the nervous system to stimulate that neuropeptide release.

Continue to learn more by watching the videos below if you are not familiar with this technology...and oh, it's pronounced "SCAN-R"

What is SCENAR Therapy?

The SCENAR enables practitioners to communicate directly with your central nervous system, stimulating the natural adaptive processes of the body so that the body can heal itself.

SCENAR Therapy has the following effects:

  • Therapeutic and revitalizing effects appear already after the first session

  • Achieved effects are intensive and long-lasting

  • Recognition of weak points of the body and a positive influence on them

  • Drugless

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling action

  • Gentle, non-invasive

  • Pain relief

  • Swift and wonderful rehabilitation effects

  • Faster and better healing of wounds, ulcers (including peptic ulcers)

  • Improvement of blood circulation

  • Fast recovery of your strength

  • Can be used together with a standard drug treatment which you might be taking

  • Helps to decrease large doses of drugs


As a result, SCENAR-therapy heals the patient and does not just take away the symptoms.

What to Expect

The goal is to achieve an immediate change in your condition during the first treatment and in some cases you might feel dizzy right after, kind of like after getting a deep tissue massage. Sometimes, your first SCENAR treatment you might feel a bit nauseous (which is rare - one in 50!) but everyone is different. We recommend drinking water and relaxing after a treatment just as you would getting up from a massage table. This is a good sign that its working. In most cases a patient requires a minimum of 3 treatments (some acute conditions may resolve sooner). Further treatment may be performed on the area of pain after the initial treatment and can take place up to several times a day, with a minimum of two hours between each session. The first initial dizziness or nausea gets less and less with each treatment. 

SCENAR Research

A tried and true tested therapy for more OVER 40 years!

SCENAR has been reviewed in medical journals globally since it was developed in the 1970s for the Soviet Union space project.

Over the past four decades a large body of case studies has been built up supporting the benefits of the device created by inventor Alexander Karasev.

When used properly, SCENAR can produce swift results from the start of treatment in cases that would otherwise require long therapies or invasive surgery under western medicine practice.

As a result of those studies,  SCENAR has been adopted by health practitioners worldwide!

If you would like to watch a fascinating lecture on stories and usage of the device...feel free to enjoy this video at the left or click link below of thFIRST US International SCENAR Conference - Las Vegas 09.2014

SCENAR: How does it work?

Professor Revenko

Head scientist Professor Revenko claimed that there were very few illnesses SCENAR could not treat and often even cure.


Research conducted in Russia proves the effectiveness of SCENAR therapy in 80% of cases. The SCENAR was immediately dubbed the ‘Star Trek’ Device by the press because of its origins and its similarity to the ‘all-curing’ medical scanner used in the series, Star Trek.

Now it is widely popular in Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, Holland, Hungary, Finland, USA, and other countries around the world.

More on SCENAR


The SCENAR, Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation, was developed for the Russian Cold War space program to overcome the unique problems of space travel. Pharmaceuticals were impractical due to the specificity of each drug, leading to a need to store a large variety and quantity of drugs, and also due to the introduction of toxins into the water recycling system.

A Russian team of doctors and scientists, based at Sochi University and led by Alexander Karasev in the late 1970s, developed a method of treatment that was energy efficient, multi-applicable, portable, and also non-invasive. They were the first people to achieve repeatable therapeutic treatment using electrical signals to stimulate the immune system. For this, two of this team received the Order of Lenin.

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