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Feel like a new you after years of suffering from chronic pain & health issues conventional medicine couldn't fix. 

VitalGate supports you with a comprehensive holistic wellness approach, combining Eastern & Western medicine with “star trek” technologies used in Europe to get to the root of your condition and provide relief – without medication, invasive treatments, or surgery.

Your path to pain-free living is easier than you think.

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May 16 - 22, 2024 - was free

available to purchase post viewing videos of the event...please click button below to access the entire summit.

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...provides Supportive Therapies for People With:

Cancer & Lyme Disease

Bone, Joint & Muscle Pain

Skin Conditions

Women's Health

Heart & Circulation

anti aging peptides

Active Living

Digestive Issues

Nerve & Brain

Your Experience with Us

Owners of VitalGate Health

We believe in getting to the root cause of anything slowing your body down, making you sick, or limiting your full potential – that’s why we guide you through the care you always should’ve had, using non-invasive European-based technology you’ve probably never heard of. 


Here’s a look at our process when you work with us.

pain-free bioinformational devices-VitalGate Health
Resetting your systems-Vitalgate health
Living as a new human-Vitalgate health




Our pain-free bioinformational devices allow us to get a clear picture of what’s happening inside your body, emotions & mind – uncovering the core truths your body has been trying to tell you that others doctors may not have been able to find.

From killing bacteria and viruses to increasing cell vitality and more, we use a combination of our bioresonance technology, homeopathics, peptides, anti-aging devices, oxygen therapy, and other technology/lifestyle changes to help you reset your bio-systems so they work for you, not against you.

From living in pain, accepting discomfort and settling for less in your health to joy, vitality and excitement, you’ll feel like a brand new human! 


You’ll be amazed you can feel this good – and either continue using our support or take what we’ve given you and go at it on your own.

All services are individually available upon request.

We’ve been told being in pain everyday is normal – but when we’re supported properly, pain is optional.

You are not a list of symptoms and our holistic, individualized approach allows us to identify and treat the true cause that’s been eluding you for years so you can finally feel good again.

At VitalGate, we believe in healing the whole human – and optimizing your body’s systems to work as it was meant to without the interferences in our diet, energy, biology, and much more we’ve been accustomed to.


No medications. No surgery. No complicated procedures leaving you in more pain than when you started.


Step into the world of VitalGate Health, where pain becomes a distant memory and vitality is your new reality.

Galina at VitalGate is my absolute go-to healer
No medications. No surgery treatment at Vitalgate

"Having had Lyme for 20 years... Galina at VitalGate is my absolute go-to healer... intuitive, kind, experienced.and treats you with absolutely no pain."

- Elizabeth Alexander

I am a cancer survivor. I have been very blessed to have found Galina and Elena. I am a patient of VitalGate for 2 years. They both are always on top of all my needs. With their wonderful treatments and loving care I always feel at peace. I highly recommend these two very special ladies.

- Lorraine Santillo

pain management services in Naples, Florida

Get rapid, long-lasting relief

when you join us through one of our offices or online.

Office Appointments and remote treatment & tests available upon request!

Escape the cycle of chronic pain-VitalGate

Escape the cycle of chronic pain and experience the difference that has left clients saying,

"VitalGate will open up new pathways and possibilities for your treatment."

See how our patients have used our natural remedies, non-invasive methods, and expert guidance to truly uncover the root cause of their illnesses and experience relief fast.

Testimonial - Introduction by a patient
Testimonial - Introduction by a patient
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TESTIMONIAL Interview with Galina Semyonova about TimeWaver and Healing Naturally
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Testimonial - By a patient
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Our whole-human approach helps you live a whole life – living longer, feeling younger, and actually enjoying your life.

(Without constantly being plagued by health conditions.)

"Galina & Elena have just clearly saved me from 'getting old' in my 40’s! No doctors had any answers for 18 months. They just said I’m getting older and I’m healthy enough. Galina & Elena knew what to do within a couple of hours! I lost 10 lbs of stagnant nastiness in 14 days, I got all my energy back and most of my strength. For Galina & Elena this is simple, for me it’s a miracle! 

- Andre LeBlanc

Innovative care that builds resilience to stress

Innovative long-term care that:

  • Calms your nervous system

  • Builds resilience to stress

  • Enhances mental and emotional well-being

  • Slows down the aging process

  • Creates next-level gut-brain relationship

  • Speeds recovery time from injury

  • Improves long-standing conditions like depression and anxiety

  • Supports healing with degenerative diseases like cancer, lyme and more

Innovative care that slows down the aging process

Repair & Revitalize Your Body & Mind

Bioinformational diagnostic tests-Vitalgate

& Reclaim Yourself

Use bioinformational diagnostic tests to uncover the root cause of: 

  • Low levels of energy

  • Aging prematurely

  • Degenerative diseases like cancer and lyme, multiple sclerosis

  • Physical body pain, fatigue and exhaustion 

  • Stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic depression and other emotional/mental conditions

  • Chronic inflammation (hashimoto's, fibromyalgia etc)

  • Digestive and skin challenges 

  • Hormonal imbalances (including PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, etc)

  • And more….

Root cause of Degenerative diseases like cancer
Master your physical performance – improving strength and endurance

Support Your Everyday Wellness

Be guided through sustainable wellness practices that:

  • Master your physical performance – improving strength and endurance

  • Optimize your cognitive function, including memory, focus, and mental clarity

  • Maximize your body’s ability to repair itself

  • Increase your sleep quality and enhance your energy 

  • Help you feel younger than you are

Increase your sleep quality-VitalGate
 Dr. Galina and Dr. Elena Semyonova of VitalGate Health

Meet Our Team

We are Dr. Galina and Dr. Elena Semyonova, the mother-and-daughter team behind VitalGate Health. As highly qualified medical practitioners with a passion for fusing Eastern and Western medical practices in a holistic and individualized manner, our unique approach enables us to treat the cause for each of our patients, allowing them to finally feel good again. 


By using a combination of non-invasive European technology (most of America won’t have access to for 30+ years) and personalized treatments, we are able to quickly detect diseases at an early stage and take immediate corrective action. 


When you utilize what we have in our office, you don’t have to fly around the world to get the best care. At VitalGate Health, our mission is to provide balanced solutions to help you thrive with as little medication as possible.

VitalGate Health in Naples, Florida

Naples, FL

365 Fifth Avenue Executive Suites, Suite 201 Naples, FL 34102

+1 (917) 348-9287

You can get the most comprehensive combination of in-person support in the world from all of the services we have available.

Telemedicine services provided by VitalGate Health


Get access to some of our services online from the comfort of your own home. 


**A lot of our technology is not applicable online and you must be in-person to be supported, however, some are available.

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