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Fighting Cancer with Acupuncture

Written by Galina
Last updated March 01, 2023
Fighting Cancer with Acupuncture

Traditionally, there has been the tendency to treat cancer with modern medical techniques. While these methods do help the body get rid of cancer, there are other factors that contribute to the health of cancer patients. Pain, stress, and decrease in immune system functions are all symptoms of cancer that modern medicine has trouble dealing with in a definitive way.

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Acupuncture, placing long thin needles at certain points throughout the body, is a method that is becoming more popular in conjunction with modern medicine. It contributes in a way that modern medicine cannot. By alleviating negative sensations without the use of addictive and immune system damaging chemicals, acupuncture can greatly benefit the cancer patient. Patients with aggressive cancers such as mesothelioma can profit from acupuncture due to its ability to decrease symptoms such as stress and pain without the need to inject the body with any sort of foreign substance.

Sensations such as muscle spasms, itching, and burning are all associated with cancer diagnoses.

Acupuncture can relieve these symptoms by relaxing the body in a natural way. However, it really takes a supporting role in its fight, as it does less for the treatment of cancer than it does for the alleviation of cancer treatments themselves. The alleviation of these symptoms can still increase life expectancy though, and acupuncture can be used as often as necessary without any threat of harm to the body.

Treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These side effects have a profound effect upon the lives of cancer patients, causing discomfort. Usually drugs are given for these symptoms. However, drugs are addictive and can also leave the body’s immune system weakened, which makes it harder for it to fight off the cancer. By alleviating the symptoms of chemotherapy without the need for drugs, acupuncture can make a tremendous difference in the comfort of cancer patients.

Acupuncture has also been shown to relieve stress. The effects of stress upon the body are becoming clearer with time. It is now known that stressed individuals tend to be more prone to sickness. By clearing stress, acupuncture can help a body keep up a healthy immune system and beneficial exercise, which can help to not only fight the cancerous cells themselves, but also any other sicknesses that threaten the health of the individual. A healthy immune system increases the body’s capacity to fight cancer, as it decreases the amount of effort necessary to keep the body healthy. Mesothelioma life expectancy, as well as many other cancers, can be increased through the use of traditional western medicine. However, the methods employed to treat cancer can often leave the body in stressed and in pain, with heavy burden to the immune system. Using drugs to alleviate these symptoms can often cause more harm than good. For this reason, traditional methods for cancer treatment such as chemotherapy can benefit from the synthesis of acupuncture and other stress relieving techniques.