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Client Reviews

Discover how our holistic healthcare solutions at VitalGate have transformed lives.
Read our patient testimonials to understand our unique, natural approach.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I am a cancer survivor. I have been very blessed to have found Galina, and Elena. I am a patient of VitalGate Health, for 2 years. They both are always on top of all my needs. With their wonderful treatments and loving care I always feel at peace.I highly recommend these two very special ladies.💕💋💋

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services
Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

These treatments are like gold!

Galina is so knowledgeable and helpful: she helps me get better every time and always with a smile

Lorraine Santillo

Emmanuelle Slossberg

Michele Chammah

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Simply said, VitaGate's methods of physical healing work. Because of their therapy I feel much better.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina and Elena at Vital Gate are knowledgable and dedicated practitioners of holistic medicine. Many of their clients achieved great results and improved their health.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services
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As a skeptical person and ignorant of alternative practices..I have to say I'm very impressed with the results of Galina's wide range of knowledge and her use of Vitalgate's equipment. A food sensitivity test showed information about things I eat that I never told Galina. One of them was I was using Stevia. After one of the tests, she turned to me and said "stop using Stevia" in that I had a sensitivity to it. I followed through with the rest of her instructions and my skin thickness (bloatedness and hardness) went away along with chronic itching. After a few weeks the scale dropped the first time EVER IN 25 years. I have hypothyroidism and have been thru 4 endocrinologists that have failed to explain why I could not lose weight. The answer was more about my food and mild histamine reaction to the foods I was eating...INCLUDING not having the right digestive enzymes and nutrients in my system. These do now show up in bloodwork. Galina has succeeded where 4 endocrinologists and a nutritionist failed. I would say she has more insight as to the "Sources" of problems versus treating symptoms. If you are looking for a real scientist with a very open mind...she's the real deal. Be sure if you do use her services that you follow her instructions to the Tee and make the commitment. My results after 3 months shocked my family. I'm still going and continue with her digestive regimen 9 months later. As an update, I suffered a fall with a chest contusion and it was so painful with hairline fractures in my lower ribs that I could not get out of bed. After spending 2 days on ice with little improvement Galina put me on one of her bio equipment. Her sessions are very relaxing and put you into a sleep state which allows for optimal healing ...results after an hour and a half was an instant 30% reduction in pain. I returned for 2 more sessions and after 2 weeks after the accident...I'm functioning normally. Some tightness in the area but no longer suffering. Galina's combined and continued knowledge of science of old and new...using modern European technology gives me great comfort that there are answers out there. My take from my own unanswered health problems after 12 years is that there many doctors without answers. They don't even come close to an answer. I mostly got drugs to treat symptoms. Vitalgate is one of those rare finds. Possibly once on a lifetime gem. Do the research yourself. Make the commitment or not. But Its true..your health is in your hands. No one said it would be easy. But she's right there to guide and help you start it now! As a side note for neg rev on Yelp..some people who are sick can be emotionally unstable. Take them with a grain of salt. If you are concerned about them, (remember there are two sides to every story) Galina would be more than happy to explain personally what happened. She has also had many more positive reviews removed from Yelp and they refuse to reinstate them. This is a poor decision on Yelps platform as her reviews were at 5 stars for many years. Yelp has been a terrible company to many small and medium businesses and offer no help when explaining conflict. They don't even want to hear it. She has been practicing with many satisfied clients for over 40 years!

Christopher Henze

Mark Moshchinsky

Kubie Q

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Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I had a wonderful experience at my appointment. Galina was very friendly, professional and thorough. She took plenty of time to go over all of the scan results right after the scan was finished. I did not feel rushed. She offered some suggestions on ways to help the issues but in no way shape or form did I feel pushed into purchasing anything. I would highly recommend her for your thermography needs.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina and Elena at Vital Gate are knowledgable and dedicated practitioners of holistic medicine. Many of their clients achieved great results and improved their health.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I have seen Galina at VitalGate since 2012. She has helped me heal through a bad case of Lymes that was heading into my nervous system and helped me keep healthy through many work stresses. She lately created treatments to help me heal from a surgery. The surgeon was very surprised at how quickly I was healing, he said that I was 3 or 4 weeks ahead of schedule. I highly recommend VitalGate so find and keep health and wellbeing.

Natalie King

Mark Moshchinsky

Dominique Debroux

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Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Having had Lyme for 20 years, and trying every non conventional and conventional treatment, working with eastern and western doctors, I have to say that Galina at VitalGate is my absolute go to healer. She is intuitive, kind, experienced, always looking for better ways to help her patients by educating herself with the latest and best products and machines out there. My favorite machine is The Eductor. It shows what is going in your body and treats you too, and with absolutely no pain. I have been going to Galina for over ten years and highly recommend her. Even if you don’t have a chronic health condition. Just for maintenance and knowing you are taking good care of your body. It’s so worth it. Another thing I love is the set price. So many doctors will give you their price and then charge you for add ons. Galina will use multiple machines and therapies and the cost is included. Love her. Go see her today!

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

As a Holistic Biological Dentist in New York, with 30+ years of clinical practice, I have met many integrative practitioners and healers. What impressed me and my wife most about Galina, aside from her vast wealth of knowledge and experience in Energetic Medicine, was the confidence and compassion she immediately instilled in us from the first phone contact. We immediately felt welcome there. I had already been educated on the the benefits and advantages of energy medicine, specifically Microcurrent Frequency Therapy, but our first consultation visit was very informative and enlightening. It is obvious that Galina is passionate about her area of expertise, and this served to confirm that we were in the right place, with the right practitioner, and that help is on the way. The TimeWaver analysis went way beyond what conventional medical laboratory testing can provide, and immediately identified the many issues causing my wife's health challenges. Love it here! Will back with my sons! What went well Appointment scheduling Office environment Staff friendliness Wait times Appointment wasn't rushed Listened & answered questions Explained conditions well Trusted the provider's decisions

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I first met Galina more than 25 years ago, since then I’ve been a client at vital gate health and so has my whole family! Both Galena and Elena are incredibly knowledgeable professional and most importantly kind and receptive people! Their practice always has most amazing latest technology in natural medicine! The diagnostics alone will amaze you! For me the most important difference is that they treat the root and the cause of the issue! And not the symptoms like many others do! Whatever it was I came with I always got better very fast! I always followed their directions and worked with them to help my body heal it self! There’s not enough words to express how grateful I am for all they have done for me and my family and how wonderful it is to know them! And That you are in the hands of people who are honest and trustworthy! They have my absolute highest recommendation! Thank you so very much for everything! :)

Elizabeth Alexander

Leonardo T. Fazio, DDS

Ekaterina Laci

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Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Vital Gate Health is simply the best Holistic Clinic in NYC! What a knowledgeable, committed, and supportive team of health professionals! Initially, I came to see Galina for a bio-resonance treatment of my back pain and an issue with my kidneys. Her diagnostic methods are truly unique and insightful, giving such an informative report about all body systems. Galina’s integrative approach to diagnosing and treating my conditions helped me avoid invasive tests, saving visits to many doctors. Recently, I have started to receive micro-needling and SCENAR treatments from Elena as a part of my skincare routine. Unbelievable result! I love it so much! I sincerely appreciate your kindness, skills, and expertise! 🙏

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I have been a client for over 10 years, and every time I see Galina I'm more impressed. Her commitment, compassion and the mass amount of knowledge she shares with her clients are impossible to put into words. She has helped me through various health concerns but most of all she was able to successfully treat a life long phobia. VitalGate Health is an outstanding in using alternative medicine. Make an appointment as a gift to yourself. Pam Scheff

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina has just clearly saved me from “getting old” in my 40’s! No doctors had any answers for 18 months. They just said I’m getting older and I’m healthy enough. Galina knew what to do within a couple of hours! I lost 10 lbs of stagnant nastiness in 14 days, I got all my energy back and most of my strength. For Galina this is simple, for me it’s a miracle! Thank you Galina…. You saved my quality of life…

Vladlena Kozlova

Pamela Scheff

Andre LeBlanc

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Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

I have been a regular customer for 13 years. Elena helps me to manage chronic pain in my shoulders and hips, using acupuncture, electric current therapy and massage. I have no hesitation in recommending.

Google Reviews on Vitalgate Health Services

If I could give 5000 stars, as other reviewers have stated Dr. Galina is a super star to me. She works with you to address your health concerns, rather than just telling you what to do. She wants to make sure you and her are on the same page and comfortable. she goes out of her way to answer and explain questions even after your visit. It has been a month since I have seen Dr. Galina and feel 100% better.. Thank you Dr. Galina 💕🙏🏾

Steve Rimmer

Leticia Rodriguez

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