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Client Reviews

Discover how our holistic healthcare solutions at VitalGate have transformed lives.
Read our patient testimonials to understand our unique, natural approach.

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate

Galina Semynova is one of the most incredible diagnosticians I have ever met. I literally send EVERYONE to see her, including my parents, kids, my niece and my nephews. She is amazing at telling you which supplements and vitamins you need, what to add or eliminate from your diet, etc. I literally see her every 6 months for a tune-up - because once one has a lot of one thing, one's body needs something else - we are always changing. Her disadvantages 1. it DOES get expensive. She spends a lot of time and energy with each patient but the first few visits really add up and then all the Chinese herbs can be just as costly. And 2. she gives you A LOT of information. There are minor health issues that can freak you out when you read them, i.e., "the small intestine is too short..." but really don't require you do anything about them. So you need to know how to ignore some stuff. Otherwise, go see her as soon as you can get an appointment - and follow her advice to the letter as much as you can. In 6 weeks, you will be blown away.

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate

There aren't enough stars to rate these two women! They are absolutely amazing! I used to go to Vital Gate all the time when I worked in the area years ago. Elena was my acupuncturist most of the time, Galina filled in a few times. Both women are very compassionate, extremely skillful and knowledgeable. They do wonders!!

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate

As a skeptical person, yet ignorant of alternative practices..I have to say I'm very impressed with the results of Galina's wide range of knowledge and her use of Vitalgate's equipment. A Food sensitivity test showed information about things I eat that I never told Galina. One of them was I was using Stevia. After one of the tests, she turned to me and said "stop using Stevia" in that I had a sensitivity to it. I followed through with the rest of her instructions and my skin thickness (bloatedness and hardness) went away along with chronic itching. After a few weeks the scale dropped the first time EVER IN 25 years. I have hypothyroidism and have been thru 4 endocrinologists that have failed to explain why I could not lose weight. The answer was more about my food and mild histamine reaction to the foods I was eating...INCLUDING not having the right digestive enzymes and nutrients in my system. These do now show up in bloodwork. Galina has succeeded where 4 endocrinologists and a nutritionist failed. I would say she has more insight as to the "Sources" of problems versus treating symptoms. If you are looking for a real scientist with a very open mind...she's the real deal. Be sure if you do use her services that you follow her instructions to the T and make the commitment. My results after 3 months shocked my family. Im still going and continue with her digestive regimen 9 months later. As an update, I suffered a fall with a chest contusion and it was so painful with hairline fractures in my lower ribs that I could not get out of bed. After spending 2 days on ice with little improvement Galina put me on one of her bio equipment. Her sessions are very relaxing and put you into a sleep state which allows for optimal healing ...results after an hour and a half was an instant 30% reduction in pain. I returned for 2 more sessions and after 2 weeks after the accident...I'm functioning normally. Some tightness in the area but no longer suffering. Galina's combined and continued knowledge of science of old and new...using modern European technology gives me great comfort that there are answers out there. My take from my own unanswered health problems after 12 years is that there many doctors without answers. They don't even come close to an answer. I mostly got drugs to treat symptoms. Vitalgate is one of those rare finds. Possibly once on a lifetime gem. Do the research yourself. Make the commitment or not. But Its true..your health is in your hands. No one said it would be easy. But she's right there to guide and help you start it now! As a side note for neg rev here..some people who are sick can be emotionally unstable. Take them with a grain of salt. If you are concerned about them, (remember there are two sides to every story) Galina would be more than happy to explain personally what happened. She has also had many more positive reviews removed from Yelp and they refuse to reinstate them. This is a poor decision on this platform as her reviews were at 5 stars for many years. She has been practicing with many satisfied clients for over 40 years!

Ameena M. | Marina del Rey, CA

M.S. | Brooklyn, NY

Kimba K. | New York, NY

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina will open up new pathways and possibilities for your treatment. If you are open to thinking "out of the box " this is the place to go. Be patient and open minded, follow the directions, participate fully in your health, well being process with Galina and your life and health will take you to new possibilities that you could have never imagined. Galina has new amazing pathways and recommendations for every visit, new treatments that are not available elsewhere. Galina's treatments are individually tailored to each patient's specific needs. Our experience has been a steady and very noticeable improvement. We believe in the strength of our bodies to heal given the right circumstances and that is the basis of Galina's great care and treatment. Galina is .......the best!

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

I am grateful to have found Vitalgate and Galina. I was diagnosed with lipedema twenty years ago and had three liposuction surgeries and still experiencing pain and other comorbidities. Among the many therapies Galina provided me, was Ultrasonic Cavitation Radio Frequency which was a great help. This treatment reduced fibrotic tissue and thus reduced the fat volume of my legs, giving me better mobility. She is patient, gentle, caring and explains very scientifically what she is doing. Galina is constantly seeking advanced cutting edge trainings around the world to better meet the needs of her patients. If only I had found her twenty years ago--- my lipedema surgeries might have been preventable!! Definitely a 5 + on a scale of 1 to 5.

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina and all of the cutting edge alternative medicine services that Vitalgate has to offer has helped my husband and I through any health challenge that we have had. Every few months she is at trainings. She is the most advanced cutting edge alternative medicine heath worker we have have experienced. Every time we recommend her the response from others is the same. We see her on a regular basis to stay well, energized and emotionally well. Thank you Galina! Your expertises in all area of health are greatly appreciated by us!

Dunja H. | Colchester, VT

Kathy A. | Aliquippa, PA

Brigitte D. | Saugerties, NY

Yelp Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

I can not expresss enough how grateful I am to have met with Dr. Galina She is very knowledgeable and so through with her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through an illness or just want better quality in life. She is truly amazing Thank you, Galina!

Leticia R. | Secaucus, NJ

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