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Client Reviews

Discover how our holistic healthcare solutions at VitalGate have transformed lives.
Read our patient testimonials to understand our unique, natural approach.

ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

I had a great experience the doctor was very punctual, I did not have to wait. She was very gentle & showed high level of professional knowledge and answered all my questions.

ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

I went to see Elena because I had a severe lower back pain. By the third treatment, I was able to stand and sit for longer periods of time. I am now fully recovered, yet I continue to see Elena to maintain my general health. Elena is a real professional and compassionate healer. I never thought I could feel deeply relax with the acupuncture needles inserted in my body, but her soothing voice and the warm atmosphere of her office makes it so inviting.

ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

Galina is AMAZING! As a skeptical person and ignorant of alternative practices..I have to say I'm very impressed with the results of Galina's wide range of knowledge and her use of Vitalgate's equipment. A food sensitivity test showed information about things I eat that I never told Galina. One of them was I was using Stevia. After one of the tests, she turned to me and said "stop using Stevia" in that I had a sensitivity to it. I followed through with the rest of her instructions and my skin thickness (bloatedness and hardness) went away along with chronic itching. After a few weeks the scale dropped the first time EVER IN 25 years. I have h y p o t h y r o i d i s m and have been thru 4 endocrinologists that have failed to explain why I could not lose weight. The answer was more about my food and mild histamine reaction to the foods I was eating...INCLUDING not having the right digestive enzymes and nutrients in my system. These do now show up in bloodwork. Galina has succeeded where 4 endocrinologists and a nutritionist failed. I would say she has more insight as to the "Sources" of problems versus treating symptoms. If you are looking for a real scientist with a very open mind...she's the real deal. Be sure if you do use her services that you follow her instructions to the Tee and make the commitment. My results after 3 months shocked my family. I'm still going and continue with her digestive regimen 9 months later. As an update, I suffered a fall with a chest contusion and it was so painful with hairline fractures in my lower ribs that I could not get out of bed. After spending 2 days on ice with little improvement Galina put me on one of her bio equipment. Her sessions are very relaxing and put you into a sleep state which allows for optimal healing ...results after an hour and a half was an instant 30% reduction in pain. I returned for 2 more sessions and after 2 weeks after the accident...I'm functioning normally. Some tightness in the area but no longer suffering.




ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

I have been patient of Elena Semyonova for 10 years now. Every time I feel lack of balance, discomfort, or have a small injury, I get an appointment with Ms. Semyonova. She has variety of method in her disposal: acupuncture, biofeedback therapy (scenar), massage and Chinese herbs. Elena is a very attentive to details and always follows up to make sure treatment has reached its goal. Atmosphere in the office is relaxing and rejuvenating.

ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

The location is very inviting, pleasant and relaxing in the hall way when you come in the light is dimmed, you hear waterfall sounds and it's decorated very nicely with healing stones etc. There is also lecture about accupuncture where you can inform yourself. The doctor is very calm and down to earth and has a lot of experience I can tell the location is also very clean.

ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

Best holistic experience EVER! Nice office. Elena Semyonova was very professional, friendly and knolageble! She knew just what to do to help me!




ZocDoc Testimonials on Vitalgate Health Services

Extraordinary! Efficient, knowledgeable, kind, warm, and very concentrated on doing a really good job! Sophisticated equipment! Wow..and very professional. Very comfortable. No pain. Relaxing experience


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